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Molangur Fort Karimnagar | Telangana Heritage Forts

The Molangur Fort enjoys the status of the unbeatable fort of the Kakatiyas. The Fort had been located at a Mulanguru village that was around 13 kms away from the town Huzurabad. The place is also known as Molangar. The place was however known as Mudugar which was changed to Mulangur later by the Mughals after invasion. It is located in the Kesavapatnam Mandal in Karimnagar district in Telangana. The Fort had been built to display the power of the Kakatiyas under the supervision of Voragiri Miggaraju, a chief officer in the ranks of Kakatiya Prataprudra. The fort had been the invincible shield against the cannons and the other weapons of the enemies of the Kakatiyas. The strategic location of the fort added to the defense in the wars.

Molangur Fort Karimnagar

The fort, though located between the Elgandal fort and the Warangal Fort still attracts tourists. The tourists may still see the remnants of garrisons, stables and even palaces in the premises of the fort that speak of the residents of the fort and their lifestyles. But the glory of the fort started reducing with the decline of the Kakatiyan dynasty. The unbeatable fort was finally captured by the Mughals. Mughals also contributed to the architect of the fort by building the Molangshavalai Dargah and grave dedicated to the great Muslim saint Malang Shah Wali in the premises of the fort. The dargah had been located at the very entrance of the fort. It was visited by both the Hindus and the Muslims alike. The place had also been renamed after the saint as Mulangur to honor the great saint.

There are also two very famous temples in the premises of the fort. These temples were Shaiva temples. One of the temples was the Shivalayam and the other was known as Virbhadralayam. The Doodh Bawli or the milky well is the well located at the foot of the hill on which the fort is located. This well contains milky water that is used even to this day for medicinal purposes. It is taken by the visitors for drinking as well as to cure diseases.
The district Karimnagar is the house top many such more forts that tell us about the history of the era of their construction.

Special Attractions:
The Doodh Bawli treasures some of the relics of the fort. This is present at the foot of the hill.
The Molangur Fort attracts tourists and research scholars alike for study and enjoyment.

Where to stay:
One should stay at Karimnagar and visit the place. There are plenty of guest houses, lodges and hotels in Karimnagar that provide all the modern amenities at affordable prices.

How to reach:
Karimnagar is the point for reaching Molangur. The distance from Karimnagar is hardly 30 kms by road and can be reached by the State run buses from Molangur and all major cities. A few towns from where the buses can be availed are: Huzurabad, Karimnagar, Jammikunta and Peddapally.

Nearest Railway Station:
The nearest railway is the Kazipet Jn Rail Way Station. It is about 45 km near away from Molangur. The other nearest railway station that can be accessed is the Karimnagar Railway station.

Molangur Fort Timings: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Open on all days.

Distance to Molangur Fort Karimnagar:
From Huzurabad 13 Kms
From Jammukunta 16 Kms
From Hyderabad 182 Kms
From Warangal 43 Kms
from Karimnagar 30 Kms

Useful Contact Numbers:
Karimnagar District Tourism Office – +91 9440816070
State Tourism Department: 040-23450444

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