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Nizamabad Nizam Sagar Dam | The Water Gateway to Hyderabad

Situated at the Manjira river, and a tributary to the Godavari, the Nizam Sagar Dam is placed between the Achampet and the Banjapalle villages in the district. Mir Osman Ali Khan who is the ruler of the state of Hyderabad, had constructed the dam in 1923 and since then, till now, the place is the primary source of water for both the cities Hyderabad ans the Secunderabad of the Telanagana State.

Nizam Sagar Dam

The construction of the Dam was started in the year 1923 and completed in 1931.
It is said that in order to built the dam, around 40 villages should be emptied out and the dam is said to be the ;argets in the world. The dam goes for around 3 km. A motorable road is bulti on the dam which is 14 feet wide and the cars and the buses can easily go from it even after providing a convenient access to the area from Medak and the neighboring places.
The Nizam Sagar Dam is the major dam of Telanagana and an importance source of water to Hyderabad place.
The place is one of the popular place in Telangana and attracts tourist from Hyderabad, Waranagal, Nizamabad, Medak, Karimnagar and from almost all major towns of Telangana. Bird watching and fishing is one of the most important activities which tourist here prefer to do.

There are several guest houses and lodges present in this place to ensure that the tourists do not have to worry about their living while they were on a trip to the area by getting a very basic and budgetful accommodation.
The dam is situated at a route of 100 km from Medak and around 55 km from Nizamambad, and is close to various tourist destinations. It is comfortably fit within the tourist itinerary for viewing Medak fort, Medak Cathedral and the Pocharam reservoir. Also ir is close to the Pocharam Lake and the Pocharam Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary

The special attraction of the place includes the huge masonry dam which is around 3 km long over the river Manjira and recently the initializing of the boating facilities also pay a way to become a tourist spot for most of the visitors.
If you wish to look for accommodation, then there are various guest houses and lodges available at a very basic rate. Apart from this, as the damn is being situated at a distance of 55 km, visitors can also accommodate themself at Nizamabad as well. A place known as Haritha Indur Inn, which is run by the state tourism team is also a preferred place by the tourists.

Visitors can easily go to the Nizamnagar from Medak. Medak does not have any railway station, so as Hyderabad is the nearest place which is around 77 km, so tourists can go Medak and then they can go for some private transport to reach to the damn.
The nearest railway station is in Hyderabad which is 77 km from Medak.

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