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Other Temples Near Somnath Temple

Gita and Laxminarayan Mandir:
Temple of Gita and Laxminarayan is located on the Dehotsarg campus. The divine massage of Bhagwan Shree Krishna in the form of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta is carved here on eighteen marble pillars. Laxminarayan Temple houses divine shree Statueof Bhagwan Laxminarayan.

Gita, Laxminarayan, Parshuram Temple

Shree Parshurama Temple:
Shree Parshurama Temple is a sacred place on the sacred banks of Triveni, where Bhagwan Parshurama led his long penance and Bhagwan Somnath delivered him from the curse of Kshatriya’s homicides. The divine Leela Parshurama is perpetuated here by a beautiful temple of Parshurama and two ancient kunds.


The sacred confluence of the 3rivers Hiran, Kapila and Saraswati and their sangam with the ocean is very sacred moksha tirtha for Hindus. Shree Somnath Trust renovates the bathrooms with the help of the state government in memory of Shree Morarjibhai Desai, former prime minister and chairman of the Shree Somnath Trust.

The sacred temple of Shashibhushan is situated at a distance of 4 kilometers on the Somnath to Veraval highway with a beautiful coast. It is said that the poacher Jara pointed from this point while striking an arrow towards Bhagwan Sri Krishna. It is said that former Somnath Poojacharya Shri Bhav Brihaspati built this temple. Bhagwan Shashibhushan with Bhidbhanjan (Savior Form) Ganesh is worshiped here with traditional spiritual traditions.

The Rajputa “Vaja” clan was responsible for Somnath during the Muslim desecrations. The devotional episode of the princess “Veni” is portrayed in Sri K.M. Munshi’s novel. The temple was outside the wall of the fortress of Prabhaspatan at the time of the holy war with Gazani. Gazani’s soldiers tried to kidnap “Veni”, who regularly visited the temple to offer his services to Shiva. Traditions maintain that the Shivling was completely divided and the princess was buried in it. The temple of Shiv is here known as the temple “Veneshwar” after the memory of the divine episode of Veni.

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