Paid Sevas and Required Materials in livermore Temple

1) Abhisheka
Abhisheka is a ceremony of ablutions and symbolic offerings that include milk, honey, ghee, and other items. The ablutions symbolize spiritual purification, and each of the offerings represents fulfillment on every level. Throughout the abhisheka, specific mantras are chanted to invoke blessings that uplift, protect and spiritually benefit us.

Pooja Materials:
Milk – 1 Gallon
Butter Milk – ½ Gallon
Honey – 1 small bottle
Orange Juice – ½ Gallon
Coconut – 1 nos
Saffron – 2 grams
Rose water – 1 bottle
Fruits – some
Flowers – some
Almonds – some
Cooked Prasada – some

All devotee can choose yearly or monthly Sevas for Abhisheka for any deity.

2) Ashtothara Archana: Chanting of 108 holy names of the God or Goddess by the priest.

3) Sahasranama Archana: Chanting of 1008 holy names of the God or Goddess by the priest.

4) Kalyanotsavam for Balaji, Siva, Subramanya:
Pooja Materials:
Rice – 5 Lb
Betal leaves – 25 nos
Akshatha (Yellow rice) – ½ Lb
Betel Nuts powder – 1 Packet
Fruits – 20 nos
Haldi – 50 Grams
Coconuts – 5 nos
Kumum – 50 grams
Milk – ½ Gallon
Puffed rice – 200 grams
Blouse pieces – 5 pieces
Camphor – 1 Packet
Cashews – 1 Lb
Agarbhathi – 1 Packet
Almonds – 1 Lb
Sarees (Optional) – 3 Pieces
Raisins – 1 Lb
Firewood (Kindling wood) – 1 Packet
Ghee – 3 Lb
Cooked prasada – Some

HCCC Shiva-Vishnu Temple
Three flower garlands will be supplied on request and payment. Advance request is required.

5) Vahana Sevas :
Normally when one is seriously ill, the scriptures recommend vahana sevas as the gesture of gratitude to the Lord or to get quick recovery. The Temple offers these services for the benefit of the devotees. When a devotee is going through a very difficult period astrologically, he can perform the Vahana Seva.

Garuda Vahana, Sesha Vahana, Hanumantha Vahana (Sri Rama, Venkateswara), Nandi Vahana (Siva).

Items Required: Three flower garlands for deities and one for Vahana, loose flowers, one coconut, fruits, flowers and home cooked prasadas. Decorated deities are seated on the Vahana.

A special sankalpa and puja is performed. The sponsors are asked to go around the deities and Vahana as per their desire. Mantra Pushpa is chanted – Theertha prasada is given with Aseervada. The sponsorship details and flower expenditure details can be found from the Manager.

Tula Bhara and Unjal Sevas also can be arranged at the request of the Devotees.

6) Annual Abhishekam Program:

a) Abhisheka to Lord Venkateswara (Vishnu/Balaji)
b) Abhisheka to Lord Shiva (Daily)
c) Abhisheka to Lord Ganesha (Ganapathi)
d) Abhisheka to Lord Karthikeya (Subramanya)
e) Abhisheka to Lords Navagraha
f) Abhisheka to Lord Rama
g) Abhisheka to Lord Anjaneya
h) Abhisheka to Goddess Parvathi
i) Abhisheka to Goddess Mahalakshmi
j) Abhisheka to Goddess Boodevi
k) Abhisheka to Goddess Kanaka Durga
l) Abhisheka to Goddess Dasabuja Durga in Temple
m) Abhisheka to Lord Narasimha
n) Abhisheka to Garuda, Nagaraja and Dwara Ganapathi

1. Abhisheka for any Nine deities once in a week for one year $5,001.
2. Abhisheka for any Five deities once in a week for one year $3,001.
3. Abhisheka for any One deity once in a week for one year $1,116.
4. Monthly once abhisheka for one deity for one year is $301.

7) Annual Abhisheka and Services Program:
By paying $10,001 any devotees can sponsor for this program. In this, apart from of the abhishekas for all the deities, all Temple sponsored (celebrated) festivals and Pujas, including all Sevas (Muthangi, Poolangi, Tiruppavadai, Vajra Kiireeta) + one ‘at Home’ Puja of the devotee choice + one Satyanarayana Puja + One Kalyana Utsavam (Balaji/Shiva/Valli) + One Sahasra Nama Archana (for Birthday/Wedding Anniversary or any other) for one year.

8) Annual sponsorship for all major religious functions
By paying $1008, under this program, any devotee can Sponsor for all major religious functions:
a) Temple anniversary
b) Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
c) Makara Sankranthi
d) Maha Shiva Rathri – Shiva Brahmostavam
e) Telugu, Kanada, Marati, Tamil New year – Ugadi Asthanam
f) Sri Rama Navami Sita Rama Kalyanam
g) Sri Narasimha Swamy Jayanthi
h) Sri Hanuman Jayanti(II)
i) Jyeshta Abhisheka For Balaji
j) Pavitrostavam
k) Varalakshmi Vratham
l) Audi Poornam – Andal Neerattam
m) Raksha Bandhan, Sravana Upakarma (Rig, Yajur)
n) Sri Krishna Janmastami Gokulastami
o) Swarana Gouri Vratam
p) Sri Ganesha Chathurthi, Sama Veda Upakarma
q) Sri Ganesha Visarjana
r) Navarathri
s) Deepavali
t) Skanda Sashti and Kavadi Utsavam
u) Sri Balaji Pushpa Yagam
v) Kartika Deepostava Saravalaya Deepam
w) Gita Jayanti

In addition to these celebrations, Sri Balaji Kalyanam and one of Lord Shiva or Sri Subramanya Kalyanam is also included.

The Devotees should should inform the Temple authorities at least two weeks before the Kalyana utsavams they choose to perform. For more details Devotees can contact the Temple manager.