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Pangunottaram festival in Sri Govinda Raja Swamy Temple

govinda-namalu23-03-2016, Tirupati: On Wednesday Pangunottaram festival in the sub temple of Pundarikavalli which is located inside Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple in the temple city Tirupati was celebrated in a grand manner.

Uthiram nakshatram occurs with the full moon in this unique month. This full moon marks the holy marriage of the deities

The day is proposed to underline the grandness of grahasta dharma (or the wedded existence of a householder). The Almighty shows in the conjugal state and is considered as exceptionally propitious.

In the mean time the day started with Suprabhata Seva took after by Snanapana Tirumanjanam to the Goddess and at night, the utsavarulu of the gods were taken around the in a parade in four mada roads.

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