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Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple Timings, History, Puja

Aghora Siva Temple is a historical and legendary place of worship for generations located near Koyilandy railway station in Koyilandy, Kozhikode, Kerala. The Aghora temples of lord Siva is a rarity with the self-manifested Uma-Maheswaran, one of the 108 manifestations of Siva, by the side. It is a colossal monument assimilating the history, culture and glory of this popular locality known for its diversity and richness right from the middle ages. It encompasses within its four pillars, the history of a nation with its intricate patterns of structures. Lord Siva in the Sankalpa (concept) of Ahoramoorthy is the principal deity. Lord Ganapathy, Lord Ayyappa and Lord Sri Krishna are the other deities. The idols of Uma-Maheswara and Dakshinamoorthy in the form of sila-linga are also consecrated in the temple.

Adi Shankaracharya was impressed with the temple and has stayed here for some time and during this span of time, he seemed to have been ascertained the Malayalam calendar year, according to legendary evidence. He has also made arrangements with the Rigveda recital, an oral practice of chanting the Vedas in the temple premises.

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple Timings:

Morning: 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple History:

It is believed that the consecration of the idol was done by Lord Parasurama. The concept of the idol is that of Lord Siva after killing Daksha and hence fierce in nature. Sri Sankaracharya worshipped here. Kodungallur Kunhikuttan Thampuran had also worshipped the deity of the temple. This is one of the three temples where Othoot is performed. Krishnanattam, which is rarely staged outside Guruvayur temple, is used to stage here. The temple administration was controlled by Kurumbranad raja in the ancient period. Later it was looked after Kaliyamath tharavad. In 1992 the temple was transferred to the HR&CE department and now it is under Malabar Devaswam Board.

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple

The entry of Women in the Temple:

Initially, women were not allowed to enter into the inner shrine (Naalambalam) of the temple. Celibacy was strictly imposed on the Brahmins who assumes the temple duties and were given accommodation in the Madams (houses). Others like Marar and Nambeesan were given land adjacent to the temple for assisting the Brahmins. He has also made arrangements with the Rigveda recital, an oral practice of chanting the Vedas in the temple premises. The renowned writer Kottarathil Sankunny in his celebrated work “Aithihyamala” (A Garland of Legends) narrates the tale of the Ettuveettil family who had to abandon their ancestral home at Kollam in Southern Kerala in the light of the decree of the Travancore King and travel north through navel route, reaching a place where they found a mammoth Ayani tree (Artocarpus hirsutus) and the place after as Panthalayani (meaning a canopy made by the ayani tree). They have been instrumental in building this temple along with the Pisharikavu temple and Kaliyambath temple to worship the deity of Kali.

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple Poojas:

Bhagavath Seva
Ashtadravya Mahaaganapathy Homam
Udhayasthamana Pooja
Sani Preethi Pooja
Maha Ganapathi Homam
Akora Homam – Done to get rid of Sathru Dosham, Aabhichara Dosham.
Ayiram Kudam Abhishekam – For grace, health and desired result.
Vidhya Mantra Pushpanjali – For education.
Pradosha Pooja
Rudrabhishekam – This puja is done every Saturday morning. If any other days is choosen, the puja will be done on the next immediate Saturday.
Kuttu Mruthyunjaya Homam
Pournami Pooja
Ayillya Pooja
Vishnu Preethi Pooja
Trikala Pooja

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple Fesivals:

The most important festival during a year is Sivaratri celebrated in the temple with the entire paraphernalia with traditional gaiety. Sayana Pradikshanam (going around the temple in prostration) was the prominent ritual done with the stringent observation of Vratha (Pious observances). People would accompany those who do Sayana Pradikshanam by chanting the Siva Sthuthi (hymns in praise of Lord Siva) aloud in the accompaniment of musical instruments. It is the most important event in the temple in which the entire village would participate. Another significant event in the temple is the Prathishta Dinam (Day of installing the idol), celebrated on the 5th of July every year.
Aghora Shiva Temple

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple Address:

Panthalayani Aghora Siva Temple,
Kerala –
Phone: 0496 2630820, Mobile: 9744952777.

Panthalayani Aghora Shiva Temple Map: