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Pooja Items required to perform Satyanarayan Pooja | Sri Satya Narayan Pooja

To perform Sri Satya Narayan Vrat or Sri Satya Narayan Swamy Pooja a list of pooja items are required which should be purchased one day before the puja day.

List of items needed to perform Satyanarayan Puja:
1) Kumkum powder
2) Turmeric powder
3) Rangoli
4) Incense sticks
5) Camphor
6) 30 betel leaves
7) 30 betel nuts
8) 2 coconuts
9) 5 almonds
10) Plenty of flowers
11) One thousand Tulsi leaves
12) Banana tree
13) 1 square shaped wooden platform to seat the idols
14) 2 copper jars
15) 2 plates

16) 1 shawl
17) A mixture of yogurt, milk, honey, ghee and sugar to prepare the Pancamrta
18) Sandalwood paste
19) Akshat, or rice grains, with turmeric powder
20) Sandalwood sticks
21) 2 flower garlands
22) Conc shell
23) Puja bell
24) A cloth
25) Ghee lamp
26) Oil lamp
27) 1 kg rice
28) 1 kg sweet for prasadam
29) 6 number of coconuts after completing each chapter of the Satyanarayan katha
30) Sirni – A mixture of flour, sugar, semolina, smashed bananas with milk. Optional garnishing can be added to the prasadam as well, such as crushed coconuts, fruits, cherries, cashews, groundnuts, raisins etc.

Sri Satya Narayana Swamy

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