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Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Theerthams

Samayapurathal also known as Mariamman, a form of goddess Durga / Maha Kali / Aadi Shakthi is a famous goddess temple constructed in the 18th century, located in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamilnadu. It is one of the largest temples in the state which generates huge revenue for the Hindu Religious and Charitable Foundation with a large influx of devotees. Thali, the Mangal Sutra offered by women, is the majority of the offerings in the temple Hundi. Diseases are cured without surgery in many cases. Many devotees visit this Karnataka temple because Mariamman resembles the Chamundeeswari of Mysore. There is also a story that Emperor Dasaratha visited Samayapuram to worship Mariamman.

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Rockfort Ucchi Pillayar Temple, Basilica of the Most Holy Redeemer, Thiruvanaikaval Arulmigu Jambukeswarar Akhilandeswari Temple, Hazrat Nathervali Dargah and Our Lady of Lourdes Church are some places near Samayapuram Mariamman Temple.

There are many theerthams associated with this Amman temple they are Shakti Theertham, Mahamayi Theertham, Sarveswara Theertham, Jatayu Theertham and Ganga Theertham.

Shakti Theertham:

The Peruvala Vaikkal, a stream of the Cauvery River, is the main Teertham and is known as the main Sakthi Teertham in Samayapuram. The canal runs along the temple complex. Adi Pooram Teerthavari and Adi 18 Teerthavari rituals are performed here.

Mahamayi Theertham:

Northwest of the temple and just off the Tiruchi-Chennai trunk road is the Mahamayi Teertham. The construction of the sacred reservoir is attributed to the later Vijayanagar and Nayak periods. A small mandapam is located in the center of the reservoir, which is fed by Peruvala Vaikkal and has provisions to drain excess water. Thai Poosam and Chitrai Float festivals are celebrated with pomp in this sacred float.

Sarveswara Theertham:

The Sarveswara Teertham at Samayapuram is located northwest of the shrine near the temple staff’s living quarters. Legend has it that Saptha Kanniyar (Seven Holy Maidens) used to reconcile Ganga Matha at Teertham and Sri Samayapuram Amman Temple 20 Sri Samayapuram Amman Temple 21 and then carried a pot of holy water to the Mahamaham tank at Kumbakonam in front of the Mahamaham.

Jatayu Theertham:

Another holy water point is the Jatayu Teertham near the Mukteeswarar temple in Samayapuram village. The sacred tank is related to the epic Ramayana and folklore says that Sri Rama performed Jatayu’s funeral rites with the help of water from the sacred spring.

Ganga Theertham:

Steeped in history, the Ganga Teertham is located near the Ujjaini Om Kaliamman Temple and is associated with the legend of King Vikramaditya. The water in this tank is said to free the bather from the harmful effects of curses and black magic.

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