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Sankat Mochan Hanuman History


Hanuman History:

Hanumanji is one of the most worshiped God in the Hindu religion. He is a symbol of power and strength. Same time, he is wise, great gyani and yogi. He is one of the most prominent personalities in the Ramayana.

Birth of Hanumanji Bhagwan:

Hanumanji was born as a vanaras. His mother Anjani was an apsara ‘Punjikastala’ In Indra’s court. She was born on earth in the monkey race because of the curse. The only way to redeemed from this curse for her if she gives birth to a son. Then after some time she was married to Kesari, who was a king of a Sumeru. Anjana performed intense prayers for 12 years to Shiva to get a child. Many people also believed that Hanumanji is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.


The life of Hanumanji:

The Hanumanji thinks that the sun to be a ripe mango, Hanumanji rush towards the sun to eat it. Rahu was also seeking out the sun, and that’s why both have clashed with each other. After the small battle, Hanumanji able to beat Rahu and reach near to eat the sun. Rahu reached towards Indra and complained that the child Hanumanji stopped him from taking on Sun and not allows the scheduled eclipse. Annoyed of this act Indra, throw Vajra towards child Hanumanji, which was hit his jaw because of this he fell back down to the earth and lost his sense. Lord Shiva then revived Hanumanji, and all the goods blessed him with multiple boons. However, because of this incident, the permanent mark was left on his chin. This mark is called ‘Hanu’ in Sanskrit that’s how he becomes famous as a Hanumanji.

Hanumanji was a misbehaving child, and that’s why sometimes he also harm someone’s personal belongings. Finding his antics intolerable Rishi Durvasa curse on him that he will forget all his power and ability unless it was remembered by someone else.

His role in the Ramayana:

First Meeting with Rama:
Hanumanji is big devotees of Lord Rama and worshiping him from his childhood. He met him when Lord Rama is searching for Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana. Sugriva sends Hanumanji to identify the persons that reached mountain Rishyamukha. Hanumanji approaches them in the guise of a brahmin, but when Lord Rama reveals his identity, Hanumanji also introduces himself.

Finding Sita:
In the search for Sita, Hanumanji along with some other Vanaras reaches the southern seashore. However, after seen the vast ocean, every vanara express their inability to jump across the water. Hanumanji also not convinced that he can jump across the sea to reach the Lanka. However, Jambavan realizes about his abilities and after that, he recollects his powers and flies across the ocean.

Hanumanji reaches Lanka in search of Sita and introduce him to sita and given her assurance that God Rama has been looking for her. Hanumanji also gives her a ring which is provided by Lord Rama to him. After meeting with Sita, he started begins to destroying palaces and properties of Lanka. He kills many rakshasas which include.Akshay Kumar, the son of Ravana.

Hanumanji arrested himself to take the opportunity to meet King Ravana. He passes Rama’s message to Ravana and asks for the safe return of Sita. He also tells Ravana that Rama would not spend him if he returns Sita honorably. Ravan was given punishment by burning his tail. However, he easily able to escapes from Ravana’s place and burns large parts of Lanka. After extinguishing his burning tail in the sea, he went back to Rama to give him news about the Sita.

Lifting the Mountain:
When Laxman was severely injured during the battle against Indrajit, Hanumanji is sent to find the Sanjivani, the only medicine that can save the life of Lakshmana. It is a life-restoring herb, which was only found in Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas. Hanumanji was not able to recognize the right medicine, so he takes entire mountain with him to save the life of Lakshmana.

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