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Sankranti Prabha Fair at Jaggannapet


Sankranti Prabha FairSankranti Prabha Fair at Jaggannapet, in Mosalapalli Village, Ambazepet Mandal, East Godhavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
Importance of Ekadasi:
Ekadasi, is the eleventh lunar day (Tithi) of the shukla (bright) or Krishna (dark) paksha (fortnight) of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar (Panchang). Worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day with a fasting starts early in the morning before sunrise till sunset by concentrating with all our complete attention, is said that Lord Vishnu bestows exemptions from the Sins and Punishments and a way to the Heaven.
Ekadasa Rudhra Prabhalu Procession
If the Ekadasa Rudhra’s (Eleven Rudhra’s) assembles at one place, then it can be considered as the most auspicious place and time to worship and it just happens once in a year on the third day of the four day sankranthi celebrations, near Jagganna Thota, Mosalapalli Village, Ambaazepet Mandal, East Godhavari District, Andhra Pradeh. ‘Prabhalu’ processions add glory to the Konaseema region during the Sankranthi festivals.
About the Sankranthi Prabhalu (a Fish images are tied on each sides of a long Stick).
On the third day of the Sankranthi Rituals, Eleven Rudhra’s are brought from eleven different villages around Jagganna Thota and made assembled traditionally since 400 years. It is a grand festival celebrated here at this place by all the villagers and even different parts of the Cities, states and countries throng to witness this event. “A plaque in Bhogeswara temple in Mosalapalli has a mention about this Fair.
According to the ancient inscriptions, King Vathsavaaye Jagannadha alias Jagganna, arrive in great respect and contributed the required fund to conduct the fair ceremoniously. Due to his dedicated contribution and service for the Fair, the place where the Fair happens is named by his name as Jagganna Thota. A long Bamboo staff is bend like a half moon shape and is tied with many other small sticks decorated with colorful threads, a Thrisula (Trident of Lord Shiva) on the top and Makara Thoranas (a type of  decoration), that forms like a chariot for the Uthsav Moorthy idol of Lord Shiva (Rudhra) who is taken for the procession. Here the idol is placed on a wooden plate and will be carried on the shoulder along with the Prabhalu fixed at the back of the idol.

The Eleven Gods brought to the sacred River are

  1.  Gangalakurru Agraharam Veereshwara
  2. Gangalakurru Village Chennamalleshwara
  3. Vyaaghreshwaram Vyaaghreshwara
  4. Pedapudi Menakeshwara
  5. Irusumanda Andndharameshwara
  6. Vakkalanka Kasi Vishveshwara
  7. Mosalapalli Madhumaanantha Jogeshwara
  8. Nedhunuru Chennamalleshwara
  9. Makkamala Raghaveshwara
  10.  Paalagummi Chennamalleshwara
  11.  Pulletikurru Abhinava Vyaghreshwara.

Jaggannapet-festivalThe villagers start the procession from their respective village with traditional music, dance and bursting the Crackers. Gangalakurru Village Chennamalleshwara, Vyaaghraswaram Vyaaghreshwara is brought through the Fields and passes the Upper Kousik River. The villagers strongly belief that taking through the fields will make the crops grow healthy giving good yield. The height of the Prabhalu stands as the main attraction in the Religious Fair. Tondavaram Tondeshwara Prabha with a height of 42 feet is the tallest in Konaseema and stands grandeur in the Prabhalu Procession.
This Is not only the place to assemble and worship or enjoy, but also is a place where some parents search for a suitable Groom/Bride Groom for their children’s. Also the Teenagers participate in the fair to search for a suitable Girl/Boy for them.Villagers belong to the Vakalagaruvu and Thondavaram Villages in Ambazepet Mandal are the only people and place where gigantic Prabhalu are prepared in the state.
‘Rudhra Prabhalu’ adds the glory to Konaseema region. This is in addition to cockfights and special decorations to temples. The ‘prabhalu’ procession is also held at Kotappakonda in Guntur district. But, unlike in Kotappakonda, the event in Konaseema is held on ‘Kanuma’, the third day of the four-day Sankranthi festivals. One should not miss to witness the way the procession is taken out. Crackers from the famous Vetlapalem will be burst throughout the procession way. In Konaseema area, the festival is popular only in areas like Kothapeta, Ambazepet and Jagganna Thota. This Ancient Religious Fair not only attracts NRI’s but also many
others. They also love the culture and tradition of the Indian historic ceremonies which make all sects of people assemble at one place to worship, meet and enjoy.Sankranti-Prabha-Jaggannapet

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