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Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai | Shaikpet Sarai Near Golconda, Hyderabad

The shaikpet Mosque and sarai are situated in Shaikpet village of Hyderabad District. It is built by Ibrahim Qutb shahin 1550-80 A.D. which is constructed in Qutub shahi style of architecture. Even after two centuries this shaikpet Mosque is still standing like a strong and also an iconic structure and it additionally shows how trading has been flourished during the historic past between Golconda and many other different regions. The sarai located in this area is having a prominent importance according to archaeology and in the mosque people still doing their prayers in this.

How to Reach Shaikpet Mosque:

To reach shaikpet Mosque and sarai which are situated about 11km far from Hyderabad, it is convenient to go by road. The capital of Telangana is Hyderabad which is accessible from different parts of India by three ways Railways, Road ways and air ways.

Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai | Shaikpet Sarai Near Golconda

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