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Shri Mangal Mandir Hall Rental and Availability

Silver Spring Shri Mangal Mandir Hours:

Morning: 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Evening: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Aarti at 11:45 AM and 7.00 PM everyday

Hall Rental Details:

Shri Mangal Mandir has a large auditorium on the ground floor that can be used to host various events. The hall has capacity of approx. 300 people, with 138 tables.

Auditorium Rental & Services Committee
Contact hallrental@mangalmandir.org
Surendra Daulat (301) 926-3274 / Dilip Patel (301) 604-6356 / Navin Chitalia (240)463-4838

Shri Mangal Mandir Hall

Auditorium facility rental and services rules:

1) Committee members listed above shall be contacted for rental related inquiries and reservation.
2) Mandir Acharya could be contacted during the hours of 8:00am-12:00 noon & 4:00pm – 8:00pm.
3) This is a Hindu Temple; all programs conducted shall maintain the ethical standards of a religious place.
4) Strictly no alcohol beverages of any kind, poultry, fish or meat are allowed on the premises.
5) Violation of food and drink rules shall cause immediate cancellation of function and loss of deposit.

6) Maximum capacity in the auditorium for sitting is limited to 295 and 138 with tables.
7) Vendors are not permitted and no sales of any kind are permitted without prior approval.
8) Rental charges & service fees are provided on the Rental Agreement Form and are subject to change without notice.
9) Rental fee includes use of auditorium, stage area, available tables and chairs and HVAC.
10) A security deposit of a $300.00 shall be collected with the full rental charges and the duly filled-in application.

11) Verbal commitments for rental are not acceptable.
12) Full payment for rental services shall be paid with the stated deposit with the application.
13) Facility access for decoration, storage of party materials, etc. is permitted only with prior approval.
14) One (1) hour of decoration is included in the rental fees. Additional time will be at the hourly costs provided.
15) The return of deposit is subjected to post usage inspection of the facility and adherence to the stated rules.

16) All doors and windows of the facility shall be kept closed at all time.
17) Facility shall be vacated no later than 11:00 PM.
18) If kitchen facility is rented, all materials including food items shall be removed before the attendant’s departure.
19) No more than five (5) people are allowed in the kitchen.
20) Children are not permitted in the kitchen.

21) Renter is responsible for the hourly charges from time the renter arrives until kitchen is cleaned and locked.
22) Kitchen equipment including cabinets shall be used with care.
23) No kitchen utensils are available.
24) Audio equipment is available for rent.
25) Loudness of the music shall be controlled so that there are no complaints from the neighborhood.

26) The renter shall assume responsibility for all Complaints raised by neighborhood and their consequences thereafter.
27) The auditorium & facility shall be returned in the same way it was offered.
28) All tables and chairs will be put away by the cleaning crew. All decorations, etc. shall be removed by the renter.
29) Floor area shall be clear of all personal items before leaving the premises.
30) All trash shall be placed in trash cans using plastic liners.

31) Mandir Acharya shall be informed of renter’s departure.
32) Children shall be monitored, particularly after sunset and, to avoid any disturbance upstairs and to the neighborhood.
33) Mandir will not be responsible for injuries or damages caused by unsupervised children or other guests.
34) No disturbance shall be tolerated in the prayer hall or adjoining area.
35) Mandir shall not be responsible for personal injuries or losses of any kind.

36) Mandir property shall not be damaged. All damages shall be repaired at renter’s cost.
37) All rental equipment including furniture rented outside of the temple shall be received by the renter and stored at the designated area.
38) The supplier shall remove rental equipment and furniture at the end of function for storage and immediate pickup.
39) Fire restriction shall be strictly followed. No Yagna, or festivities with fire is permitted on the premises without prior approval.
40) Outdoor cooking including gas-stove use is strictly prohibited.

41) Parking will be permitted only in the designated parking area. Handicap space is only for the valid license plate/sticker.
42) No vehicle shall be parked in the entranceway of the auditorium. All towing cost shall be borne by the renter.
43) Renter holds the responsibility for conducting the function that causes no harm to the facility, equipment, furniture or the neighborhood. Any cost incurred to negligence on part of renter shall be at renter’s expense.

Silver Spring Shri Mangal Mandir Address:

17110 New Hampshire Avenue,
Silver Spring,
MD 20905, USA
Phone :(301) 421-0986

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