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Amaravathi Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple, Timings, Sevas, Poojas, Address

Amaravathi Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 6.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
Evening: 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple is also known as Amararama Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This Temple is located on the southern bank of holy Krishna River in Amaravati, Guntur. Puranas says the Shiva lingam in this temple is installed by Lord Indra. This Temple is one of the Pancharama Kshetras, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva in Andhra Pradesh. There are 2 stories about the temple.

The Pancharama Kshetras are:

Amareswara Swamy Temple, Amararama
Bhimeswara Temple, Draksharamam
Someswara Temple, Somarama
Ksheera Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple, Ksheerarama
Sri Kumararama Bhimeswara Swamy Temple, Kumararama

Annadanam Prasadam is provided to all pilgrims for free in the temple.

Sevas / Pooja / Archana / Abhishekam Tickets Details:

1) Saswitha Abheshekam Rs.1116.00/-
2) Saswitha Annadanam Rs.1116.00(if any)/-
3) Nithya Abhesheka Pathakam Rs.3116.00/-
4) Nithya Pooja Pathakam Rs.1516.00/-
5) Kathikamassa Abheshekam Rs.1116.00/-
6) Masa Shivatri Abheshekam Rs.516.00/-
7) Maha Shivaratri Abheshekam Rs.216.00/-
8) Chandi Homam Rs.2116.00/-
9) Rudra Homam Rs.2116.00/-
10) Dasara Alankarams(1 day) Rs.1516.00/-
11) Uchitha Pulihora – 1 Kg Rs.100.00/-
12) Eka Rudrabhishekam Rs.100-00/-
13) Ashtotram Rs.50-00(if any)/-
14) Sahasra Namarchana Rs.100-00/-
15) Navagraha Abhishekam Rs.100-00/-
16) Four Wheeler Pooja Rs.100-00/-
17) Two Wheeler Pooja Rs.50-00/-
18) Santhi Rs. 250-00/-
19) Special Darshan Rs.20-00/-

Uchitha Pulihora – 1 Kg Rs.100.00/-
Laddu Prasadam Rs.10-00/-

Temples Near Amaravathi Amareswara Swamy Temple:

1) Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Mangalagiri
2) Sri Durga Malliswara Swamy Temple Venkateswara
3) Sri Lakshmi Pdmavathi sametha Sri Venkateswara
4) Swamy Temple, Vykuntapuram, Tenali.
5) Sri Malleswara Swamy Temple, pedakakani.
6) Sri Trikoteswara Swamy Temple, Kotappakonda.

Amaravathi Amareswara Temple Distance:

From Guntur 33 KM
From Vijayawada 47 KM
From Sattenapalli 35 KM

How To Reach Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple:

By Air:

The nearest airport is present at Gannavaram, Vijayawada [59.5 km].

By Train:

The Pedakurapadu Railway Station (PKPU) is the nearest train station to reach the Amaravathi Temple. Other important railheads are present at Guntur and Vijayawada.

By Road:

APSRTC ply frequent buses between Amaravathi and Guntur. The city of Amaravathi is well connected with nearby cities such as Vijayawada, Guntur, Mangalagiri and Hyderabad.

Amaravathi Amareswara Temple Address:

Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple,
Amaravathi Town & Mandalam,
Guntur District,
Andhra Pradesh – 522020

Office Phone: 08645 -255241


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  • Is temple open theses days? Planning to visit tomorrow, phone not working. Pls reply.
    12 ict 2020

    • Dear Pss
      All the temples are open only. All the temples who has a landline are not lifting.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • sir, i wish to do rudrabhishekam on 24.11.2019 sunday.what is the timings for abhishekam what is the amount

    • Dear k.s.r.prasad
      Rudrabhishekam Timings morning 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM in Amaravathi Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple.

    • Dear gautam
      Yes government and private vehicles are available from guntur.

      • సర్ నేను 17 -1-2020 ఫ్రైడే స్వామి కి abhishekam చేయుచుకుందాం అనుకుంటున్న సమయం ఎంత

        • ధూర్గవలి గారికి
          ఆలస్యంగా సమాధానం పంపినందుకు క్షమించండి
          ఓం నమః శివాయ

  • we are 35 persons comimg from kakinada is there any facility to fresh up and taking bath

    • Dear SK
      Please contact +91 94990 00618.
      Temple numbers are not available, so try the above number.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • సర్ అమరావతి లో అభిషేకం చేయిచుకోవాలి 17-01-2020 సమయం ఏంటి

        • ధూర్గవలి గారికి
          మీరు 07 నుంచి 09 గంటల మధ్యలో పూజ చేసుకోండీ. దేవాలయం వద్ధకు 06 గంటల సమయంలో చేరుకొంది ticket తీసుకోవచ్చు.
          ఓం నమః శివాయ

  • i want to perform abhishekam . at what time abhishekam is done.
    any accomidation is available. if so pls inform

      • Sir neynu swamivariki Abhishekam and ammavariki kumkumarchana chyienchali a day chystharu

        • Hi Sathishreddy
          umkumarchana is preformed in the morning at 8:30 AM Amaravathi Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple.

    • Yes the temple will be closed on 31st jan and 15th feb Amavasya days.

    • please contact the temple officials. To our knowledge there is no online booking of sevas.

  • Amaravathi temple timings are not correct. Temple timings are 6 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 8 pm. It was informed by Archaka swamy at the temple. We had darshan even after 6 pm.