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Sri Gananayakashtakam Lyrics in Tamil with Meaning

Sri Gananayakashtakam mp3:

Sri Gananayakashtakam Lyrics in Tamil:

॥ க³ணநாயகாஷ்டகம் ॥
ஏகத³ந்தம் மஹாகாயம் தப்தகாஞ்சநஸந்நிப⁴ம் ।
லம்போ³த³ரம் விஶாலாக்ஷம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 1॥

மௌஞ்ஜீக்ருʼஷ்ணாஜிநத⁴ரம் நாக³யஜ்ஞோபவீதிநம் ।
பா³லேந்து³ஸுகலாமௌலிம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 2॥

அம்பி³காஹ்ருʼத³யாநந்த³ம் மாத்ருʼபி:⁴ பரிவேஷ்டிதம் ।
ப⁴க்திப்ரியம் மதோ³ந்மத்தம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 3॥

சித்ரரத்நவிசித்ராங்க³ம் சித்ரமாலாவிபூ⁴ஷிதம் ।
சித்ரரூபத⁴ரம் தே³வம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 4॥

க³ஜவக்த்ரம் ஸுரஶ்ரேஷ்ட²ம் கர்ணசாமரபூ⁴ஷிதம் ।
பாஶாங்குஶத⁴ரம் தே³வம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 4॥

மூஷகோத்தமமாருஹ்ய தே³வாஸுரமஹாஹவே
யோத்³து⁴காமம் மஹாவீர்யம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 5॥

யக்ஷகிந்நரக³ந்த⁴ர்வக்ஷ் ஸித்³த⁴வித்³யாத⁴ரைஸ்ஸதா³
ஸ்தூயமாநம் மஹாபா³ஹும் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 6॥

ஸர்வவிக்⁴நஹரம் தே³வம் ஸர்வவிக்⁴நவிவர்ஜிதம் ।
ஸர்வஸித்³தி⁴ப்ரதா³தாரம் வந்தே³ঽஹம் க³ணநாயகம் ॥ 8॥

க³ணாஷ்டகமித³ம் புண்யம் ய: படே² ஸததம் நர:
ஸித்³த்⁴யந்தி ஸர்வகார்யாணி வித்³யாவாந் த⁴நவாந் ப⁴வேத் ॥

இதி ஶ்ரீக³ணநாயகாஷ்டகம் ஸம்பூர்ணம் ।

Sri Gananayakashtakam Meaning:

You are one tusked, have a massive, enormous and hot-golden-colored body. You have a large pot like belly, beautiful eyes and I bow to you the leader of ganas(followers of Lord Shiva)

The one who is victorious and has the color of his body as Krishna varnam (smoke-hued) and who uses the snake as yagnopaveet (janeu; a holy thread that is tied around the belly). The one who has a waxing moon on his head, I bow to you the leader of the ganas.

The one who makes a picture-perfect pose, who has a garland adorning around his neck and who takes the form of Kama Roop (the form which is immensely attractive), I bow to you the leader of ganas.

The one who has a face of an elephant and still considered the best, who is beautifully adorned with karnchamra (cowrie, which is used as an ornament for the ear of an elephant) and who holds Pashan and Kusha (weapons used in war), I bow to the leader of the ganas.

The one who uses mushika (mouse) as his chariot, the one who is prayed by everyone and the one who is a Mahaveer (extremely brave), I bow to that Lord Ganesha.

The one to whom yaksha, kinnera and gandharva (semi-Gods) pray, who is the one who has the vidya (teachings) to acquire Siddhi (opulence), whose stuti (prayers) people sing by heart and who has strong arms, I bow to the leader of the ganas.

The one who is dear to the mother, who is always a mother’s service, who is dear to his devotees and who ends the wars, I bow to the leader of the ganas.

The Lord who takes all our problems, who diminished all the obstacles and problems coming our way and the one who gives all types of Siddhi (opulence), I bow to the leader of the ganas.

This Ganashtakam gives the virtue to those who read it with Bhakti (devotion), this Ashtakam proves beneficial to those who read it and make the person intelligent and wealthy.

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