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Thirukarukavur Garbarakshambigai Temple FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Thirukarukavur Garbarakshambigai Temple along with their answers:

1. Where is this temple located?

This temple is located in Thirukarukavur village in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, South India. The co-ordinates for this temple are 10.86N, 79.27E. Click here to help Google find this location.

2. What is the importance of this temple?

1) The temple is an ancient Shiva temple. It dates back to 6th century. The three famous Nayanmaars Thirunavukarasar, Thirugnanasambandhar and Sundarar have sung praise of this God and Goddess in soul stirring verses.
2) This temple is located on the banks of river Vettaar, a branch of sacred river Cauvery. This is the first temple to be worshipped in Pancha Aaranya (five forest temples) sequence. The other temples are Alangudi, Avalivanallur, and Thirukollampudur.
3) The Swami (prime deity), Vinayagar (Ganesha) and Nandhi (Sacred bull) are Suyambu i.e, self manifested. Swamy is made up of hardened Ant Hill mud. Hence no Abishegam (holy bath) is offered to God.
4) Once upon a time this place was a Jasmine (Mullai) forest. Numerous Sidhars and Yogis have done penance in this place. They are said to have taught their disciples under Banyan trees. One can still see number of Banyan trees on their way to this temple. Since this Swamy is self manifested mullai creepers have grown around the Lingam. The impression of it has been marked over the Lingam. The temple priest will show it to you every time while he is doing Deeparathana.
5) Niruthi is a Devata or God residing in Southwest direction who plays an important part in ancestors (History). Here Vinayagar is located as Nirudhi Vinayagar who wards of the evil sin committed by ancestors of the devotee.
6) Somaskandamurthi is one of the main aspects of Lord Siva. The representation of the child Murugan in between Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi is mainly intended to emphasize the importance of the child in family life. Here Subramaniyar (Murugan) Sanndhi is located in such a way that it is in between his parents God Shiva (Mullaivananathar) and Goddess Parvathi (Garbarakshambigai). This is better explained in our Facebook page.
7) Mullai tree is the Thala Virutcham (Holy tree) in this temple.
8) The well beside the Holy tree is sacred.
9) Various rulers in Pallava, Chozha dynasty have endowed land for this temple and they have been marked as inscription in granite stones affixed adjacent to the Vimana of Swamy Sannadhi.
10) Goddess Garbarakshambigai bless for early marriage, cures infertility related problem to conceive and bless for safe and trouble-free delivery. She is 7 feet tall and bless with a standing posture with a divine grace with one hand resting of the lower hip as if protecting the woman and the other with and the Abhaya Mudra symbolizing protection, peace and dispelling of fear.
11) The temple pond before the entrance has been created by Divine Cow Kamadhenu to feed child, Naidhuruvan and it is named as Ksheera Kundam. (Milk pond)
12) Till now there is no maternity death reported in this village (Thirukarukavur) where our beloved Goddess resides.

3. What are the poojas offered?

1) Ghee prasadam pooja. (To conceive)
2) Castor oil prasadam pooja. (For Safe delivery)
3) Punugu sattam pooja. (For better health)
4) Abishegam.
5) Annadhanam.
6) Kattalai Archanai.
7) Nava kodi nei theepam (nine crore ghee lamps)
8) Sandana kappu. (Sandal Paste offering)
9) Thanga thottil
10) Thulaa-bharam
11) Ear boring and Head tonsure.
Details of each pooja have been explained in Poojas Page

4. What is the pooja for conceiving?

Ghee prasadam Pooja has to be offered for conceiving.

5. What should we do with ghee after performing pooja in temple?

The ghee after doing pooja in the temple/after receiving through parcel from this temple has to be mixed with ½ kg of pure cow ghee and the couples should take a teaspoonful of ghee before going to bed.

6. How much quantity should we mix with blessed ghee obtained from temple?

1/2kg of pure cow ghee

7. What is the time should we take blessed ghee?

The ghee is advised to be taken before going to bed at night.

8. Is there any food restriction during intake of ghee prasadam?

There are no food and medicine restrictions while taking ghee prasadam.

9. Can Couples consume ghee prasadams at separate locations?

No. The Couples should not be at separate locations while taking ghee prasadam.

10. You have said the ghee prasadam should be taken before going to bed. I am in night shift. When should I take ghee?

Take the ghee prasadam before going to bed. We request you to understand the true spirit before taking the prasadam.

11. I got conceived during consuming ghee prasadam. What should we do with the remaining ghee?

Congrats. You may not take further Ghee prasadam. Use the remaining ghee for some religious use or mix it in holy water in nearby temple.

12. I have completed 48 days of consuming ghee prasadam but not yet conceived. What should I do now?

Normally we receive mails that the devotee got conceived during intake of ghee prasadam. Some people have asked us this query. We advise you to trust in Her and recite the manthra meant to conceive regularly. We will hear good news from you soon.

13. I had a break during intake of ghee prasadam. Is it sinful? What should I do now?

We are advising the devotees to take ghee prasadam without break. But if a break happens due to unavoidable circumstances like unplanned travel etc it is not sinful. Complete it in 48 days excluding the break period.

14. We have been told that Garbarakshambigai Amman blesses male child. Is it true?

No. This divine Goddess is residing here to bless childless women to conceive and get safe delivery. Ambal blessing Vedhigai with a beautiful son has been misunderstood. All children are equal and all are bundle of joy.

15. What is the manthra for early conceiving? How many times should we recite it?

Om Devendhirani Namasdubhyam, Devendhira Priya Bamini,
Vivaha Bhaghyam , Aroghyam, Puthra Labamsa thehimey,
Bathim Dhehi ,Sudham Dhehi, Soubaghyam Dhehimey,
Subey, Sowmangalyam, Subham Gnanam, Dheimey
Karbarakshake, Kathyayini mahaa maye,
Maha Yoghinya Dheeswari, Nandhagopa Sudham Dhevam
Pathim Mey Gurudhey Nama.

16. What is the enriched oil for?

The blessed castor oil is given as prasadam for pregnant women for safe and trouble free delivery.

17. When should we order oil?

Normally the oil is advised to be applied in lower abdomen during pain i.e around eighth month. But these days people are requesting oil much early. Therefore, you can get blessed oil from the third month of your pregnancy. We do not send more than 1 prasadam at a time.

18. I am three months pregnant. Can I apply oil from now onwards ?

As mentioned above, oil is advised to be applied in lower abdomen during pain i.e around eighth month. But these days people are requesting oil much early. Therefore, you can get blessed oil from the third month of your pregnancy.

19. What are the mantras for safe delivery?

Prathana Sloga For Easy Delivery:
Hey, Shankara Smarahara Brahmadhathi
Nathari Mannatha Samba Sasisooda
Harathiri soolin sambo sugaprasava Grithbavamey
Dayalo, Hey Madhavi Vanesa Palaiyamaam Namasthey

Another Sloga For Easy Delivery:
Himavat Uttharey, Parswey, Suratha Namayakshinee,
Thasya, Smarana, Mathrena, Visalya, Gharbinee bavedhu.

(Both Mantras can be recited).

20. With the blessings of Garbarakshambigai Amman I have delivered a beautiful child, but I have low supply of mother’s milk. Is there any special pooja for it?

History says that Shri Garbarakshambigai Amman blessed her ardent devotee Vedhikai to conceive and when Vedhikai almost lost her fetus, Goddess Garbarakshambigai came to her rescue, protected her fetus and blessed her for safe delivery. While Vedhigai had low supply of mother’s milk she prayed to Goddess and the Almighty asked Divine Cow Kamadhenu to create a milk pond. Kamadhenu scratched the earth with her hoof, and created pond. This pond is before the entrance of this temple and it called as Ksheera Kundam meaning milk pond. Therefore new mothers who have low supply of mother’s milk can do milk Abishegam to Goddess. The temple procures cow milk from nearby and performs Abishegam to Goddess. You have to inform the temple officials beforehand about the quantity of milk you prefer to do Abishegam.

21. Garbarakshambigai Amman blessed us with a beautiful child. How could we thank her?

You can thank Goddess by offering the following prayers.
1) Thanga thottil
2) Thulaa baram
3) Ear boring and Tonsure to child.
The details of each pooja have been explained in poojas page of this website.

22. What is meant by Thanga thottil?

In this temple we have one unique way of thanking Goddess Garbarakshambigai for her benevolence. It is called Thanga Thottil/Swarna Thottil prarthanai (prayer). People blessed by divine Mother offer their thanks to Goddess for her benevolence, by laying their babies in Thanga Thottil (Golden cradle) and come around one pradakshanam around Amman Sannadhi (Sanctorum). Photos and videos are allowed to be taken and can be posted in social networking sites. The cost of the Prarthanai is Rs.550. There is no pre-booking for it.

23. What is the cost of the ticket for Thanga thottil?

Rs.550 Indian Rupee

24. Is pre-booking necessary for Thanga thottil?

No. The child must be present in this temple to offer this prayer.

25. We cannot be present in temple. Can we do Thanga thottil prayer?

No. The child must be present in this temple to offer this prayer.

26. What is meant by Thulabharam?

This is an age old tradition which is followed in many temples. Placing your child in one plate of the weighing scale and balancing the other with goods is called Thulabharam. We accept all kinds of materials like Ghee, oil, food grains, fruits, flowers, currency coins, gold, silver etc in Thulabaram. There is no advance booking to it. This prayer is performed in front of Amman Sannadhi (sanctorum).

27. What are things that can be offered for Thulabharam?

We accept all kinds of materials like Ghee, oil, food grains, fruits, flowers, currency coins, gold, silver etc in Thulabaram

28. We like to offer sarees to Shri Garbarakshambigai Amman. How can we send it?

Ambal is beautified by the sarees offered by devotees. You may send it through courier. Prasadams will be sent to you. Sarees preferably with materials such as silk and cotton are acceptable. We request you to avoid Polyester, Poly-cotton and low quality sarees. Sarees after being worn to Ambal have been given to poor and needy temples and nearby old age homes. The remaining sarees are being sold in auction at subsidized rates.

29. We like to donate amount to Hundi? How can we do it?

Donations in all form are acceptable. You may remit your money through online. See payments page for further details.

30. What is Navakodi nei theepam? What is the importance of it?

All auspicious functions commence with the lighting of the lamp, which is often maintained right through the occasion. Light symbolizes knowledge, and darkness – ignorance. Therefore the temple administration has initiated a unique scheme called Navakodi ghee theepam i.e, nine crore ghee lamp lights. Navakodi ghee prayer is performed to ward of the sins committed by our ancestors.

31. We have sent money order requesting prasadam. More than 10 days have been passed but still we did not receive prasadam. Why is that delay?

Thirukarukavur is a remote village and the single post office has to cater to the demands of surrounding villages. Therefore postal officials collect those money orders and hand over to us once in a week. The received money orders have to be entered in registers according to the requests and processed. This causes a delay of more than 10 days. Nowadays we are receiving electronic money order, in which space for communication is very less, therefore devotees cannot enter their specific pooja request. The temple administration cannot categorize the request, so after performing archanai we send prasadam to that address. If you are sending money through money order please write a letter to us mentioning the last 5 digits of the money order number about the particulars of pooja etc or simply fill the online booking form mentioning your money order number.

32. We have sent the money order or DD through postal or courier? Did you receive it?

The money received through money order and DD has to be entered in books of accounts and according to requests it has to be entered in specific registers and then pooja is being conducted and prasadams are dispatched. This process takes more than 10 days. But if you have not received prasadam after 15 days of booking you may inquire the status with temple officials by calling this number 088700 58269 during office hours

33. What should be the beneficiary name for Demand draft and Cheque?

DD and Cheque transactions invite collection fees from bankers. Therefore devotees are requested to send additional Rs.30/- as collection charges.
The demand draft should be drawn in favor of “Executive officer, Shri Mullaivananathar temple, Thirukarukavur”, payable at Thanjavur.
Prasadams to cheque transactions are dispatched after realisation of cheque.

Garbarakshambigai Temple Online Booking

PujaShipping in IndiaShipping Outside IndiaOnline Booking
Ghee Prasadam for Conceiving1500 INR51 USDBook Now
Oil Prasadam for Pregnancy1500 INR51 USDBook Now
Punugu Sattam1500 INR51 USDNot Available


The prices for the puja are different from the temple’s prices because we have additional expenses like paying the Gurukal, sending Prasadam, and our service fees.

Rates inclusive of packing and shipping charges:
We ship using Indian Speed Post. Delivery within India takes 5-8 days after the date of performing puja. Delivery outside India takes 15 – 20 days after the date of performing puja.

34. What is the address for sending Demand draft and Cheque?

The Executive officer,
Shri Mullaivananatharswamy and Garbarakshambigai Amman temple,
Papanasam Taluk,
Thanjavur District.
Pin code: 614 302.

35. My neighbor likes to visit the temple. Who should he/she contact in temple?

We have detailed every road routes to this temple and the poojas offered in this temple in this website. For further clarification ask them to call temple official in 04374-273423. But please do not use this number for any preference in dharshan.

36. Is there special dharshan counter in temple?

No. There is no special dharshan counter in this temple. Apart from Sundays that too during 8.30am to 1:00 PM which invite large devotees, you can have a pleasant dharshan of deities.

37. Is there any special day for poojas?

All day are auspicious day. There is no special day for pooja. Some people do their poojas during Ambal Birth star ‘Pooram’.

38. What is the auspicious day for pooja?

All day are auspicious day.

39. I am from abroad. Will you send prasadam to us? What is the procedure?

We are sending prasadam to all countries. Some devotees from Middle East have informed that Hindu deity prasadams are prohibited there and they receive it through their Indian address.
We are receiving information that people residing outside India have difficulty in transferring money. We would suggest transferring the money through your ‘Indian’ account or you may ask your friends or relatives residing in India to transfer on behalf of you. Services such as ‘Western Union’ and postal Cheque are not advisable. After debiting money send an email by filling the online booking form.

40. In how many days prasadams reach abroad?

Normally prasadams take 15 days to reach UK, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. For US prasadams are delivered in 20-25 days.

41. In which courier service are you sending prasadams?

We are using ‘Professional Courier’ services to send prasadam in India. Further we are sending prasadams through India Post to villages that are not covered under this courier. All Overseas parcels are sent through India Post Registered Parcel.

42. How can we track our prasadams?

The tracking number for your prasadams can be obtained through personal request email. The websites for tracking is given below.
Please note that ordinary Indian post prasadams such as Archanai and Punugu prasadams do not have tracking number.

43. I have some suggestions for improvement of temple? Whom should I contact?

All suggestions and comments for improvement of this temple are welcome. You may contact us through our phone number and email.

44. What is the contact number for this temple?

The Land line number is 00-91-4374-273423.
The mobile number is 88700 58269

45) What is the time to do the Ghee, oil prasadam prarthana in the temple?.

All prarthanas can be performed during worship hours of this temple. Timings are explained in Home page.

46) What is the account type to do payment to Union Bank account?

Both the accounts are savings account.

47) Is there any accommodation nearby temple i.e, in Thirukarukavur itself?

There is a private lodge and a seva maiam present in Thirukarukavur. Both the accommodations are not connected to temple.

48) What is the route to this temple?

We have detailed route in Travel page of this site.

49) How much time it will take to perform ghee/oil/Thanga thottil/Thulabhara pooja in temple premises?

It depends upon the day you arrive. On normal days these poojas can be performed in 60 mins but during Sundays these poojas can be performed in 120 to 180 mins.

50) In which courier do you send prasadam to abroad?

We do not send prasadams in courier to overseas address because it is much costlier than India post registered parcel. Further we do not have overseas courier services such as FEDEX/DHL near Thirukarukavur.

51. Any e-mail for Support

E-Mail anytime for any query: saifoundation@gmail.com

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