Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari Temple, Nidadavole, Timings, Sevas, Festivals

Sri Kota Sattemma Temple is an ancient temple and is located in Timmarajupalem village, Nidadavole Mandal, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. In 1934 Sri Devulapalli Rama Murthy Sastry a local farmer was plunging his fields, he found a 10 feet height Ammavaru statue. While sleeping the Goddess appeared in his dream and asked him to construct a temple for her at the same place. With the help of the villagers Sri Sastry constructed this temple. Sri Kota Sattemma Temple became very famous in a short time as people obtain trust on the Goddess as their wishes were fulfilled after worshiping her. Many people from near and far places visit this temple to pray and get blessings.

Dasara festival is celebrated for nine days in a grand manner in this temple. In the month of December local festival Tirunalla Utsavam is celebrated with a grand procession. Thousands of devotees visit Ammavaru on this festival. On Sundays and Tuesdays the temple is loaded with huge number of devotees.

Sri Kota Sattemma Ammavari Temple Darsanam Timings: 6:00 am to 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
Sunday and Tuesdays: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Nidadavole Sri Kotasattemma Temple Sevas and Price Details:
1) Special Darshanam Rs.20.00
2) Kumkuma Pooja Rs.50.00
3) Special Poojas during Devi Navaratrulu Rs.200.00
4) Kesa khandana Rs.10.00
5) Laghu Darshanam Rs.10.00
6) Heavy Vehicles(Car, Lorry, Tractor etc) Rs.100.00
7) Small Vehicles(Auto, Motor Cycle) Rs.50.00
8) Chinnaterdham Rs.5.00
9) Pedhaterdham Rs.25.00

Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari Temple Nidadavole
Nidadavole Sri Kotasattemma Temple Rakshas and Price Details:
1) Stalapuranam Book Rs.10.00
2) Yantram (Small) Rs.5.00
3) Yantram (Big) Rs.12.00
4) Paper Photo Rs.3.00
5) Lamination Pouch photos Rs.2.00
6) P.V.C.Photo Rs.15.00
7) Lamination Photo (Big) Rs.45.00
8) Lamination Photo (Small) Rs.30.00
9) Audio CD Rs.45.00
10) Stickers (Big) Rs.5.00
11) Stickers (Small) Rs.2.00
12) Flags(Big) Rs.20.00
13) Flags (Small) Rs.10.00
14) Raksha Bandhan Rs.10.00

Note: On paying Rs.1,116/- Devotees can perform Kukuma Pooja (with Gotranamams) on a specific day as mentioned by the donar every year. Prasadam will be send to the Devotee by post after the Kukuma Pooja. Free darshanam and free distribution of prasadam will also be arranged in the temple.

Prasadam with Price:
1) Laddu 100 grams Rs.10
2) Pulihora 200 grams Rs.5.00

Sri Kotasattemma Temple Accommodation:
1) 31 Special rooms available and Rs.500.00 is charged.
2) 1 Special Hall is available and Rs.1500.00 is charged.
3) 6 Double rooms with shed is available and Rs.300.00 is charged.
4) 31 Single rooms with shed are available and Rs.200.00 is charged.
5) 10 Open shed rooms available and Rs.100.00 is charged.
6) 3 Shed rooms available for Free

1) Timings are 6.00 am to 6.00 pm for all the rooms.
2) Fan and 24 hours Water Facility in Special rooms.
3) There are no Fan & Water supply in Shed rooms.

Nidadavole Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari TempleFestivals Celebrated in Nidadavole Kotasattemma Temple:
1) Ugadi
2) Sri Rama Navami
3) Hanuman Jayanthi
4) Toliekadasi
5) Sri Krishna Jayanthi
6) Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chaturthi)
7) Devi Navaratri
8) Shankara Jayanthi
9) Diwali
10) Varalakshmi Vratam
11) Karthika Somavaram
12) Hanumath Vratham
13) Mukkoti Ekadasi
14) Tirunalla utsavam
15) Lakshmi Kumkuma Archana
16) Veedhasabha

Donation for Annadhanam:
Saaswatha Annadhanam Rs.1,116.00 and above.
Canara Bank
A/c No:1409101103356
West Godavari.

Nitya Annadhanam Rs.250.00 and above.
Canara Bank
A/c No:1409101103356
West Godavari.

Nidadavole Kotasattemma Temple Address:
Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari Temple,
Thimmarajupalem Village,
Niddavolu Mandal,
West Godavari,
Andhara Pradesh – 534301.

Office Phone Number: 8813 221517, 7382608577.