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Sri Sabha

About Sri Sabha

Sri Sabha was a renowned writer from the Rayalaseema region of Andhra with literary works covering short stories, novels and poetry. His major contribution was the children’s literature thus filling the void during that period. His novels like, Mogili, Suryam, Chandram represent the optimistic yearnings by the individuals to excel and to have a better life. His stories truly reflected the village lifestyle and through his writings he was successful in making the rayalaseema lingo (vaduka bhasha) into literary works.

“Matsya Kanyalu, Bangaru, Neetideepalu were a few of his vast treasure of children’s literature.

His short story, Pathala ganga is a reflection of the drought situation at rayalaseema zone of andhrapradesh and it depicted the plight of a farmer during the water shortage. His poetic finesse could be observed in Vishwarupa Sandarsanam, Veda Bhoomi.

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