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Sri Sadguru Samarth Narayan Ashram Jiyaguda, Hyderabad

Sri Sadguru Samarth Narayan Ashram is found at Jiyaguda near Puranapool inside the walled city of Hyderabad. The Ashram is established by Sri Samarth Narayana Maharaj, a descendent of Sri Samartha Ramdas, the Guru of Shivaji, and the Maratta human.

The main sanctum Sanctorum homes the lifelike idol of Sri Samartha Narayana Maharaj World Health Organization attained Jeeva Samadhi at Harihar in province shortly once acting Ashwamedha Yaga. This ashram has beautiful shrines for Kesari Hanuman, Sri Rama Panchayatanam, a Saligrama Shiva temple, a shrine for Kamadhenu Gomatha, and Sri Hari Hara temple.

The Ashram is running a Goshala in the name of Shri Samarth Kamadhenu Goshala, where quite a thousand cows are taken care of.

How to reach Sri Sadguru Samarth Narayan Ashram in Jiyaguda in Hyderabad
By Bus: Government RTC buses are gettable from all places in Hyderabad to reach the Ashram in Jiyaguda.
By Train: The Nampally railway station is the nearest railwaysation, it is 8kilometers from the Ashram. Government RTC buses and auto-rickshaws run from here to travel to the current temple.
By Flight: The Rajeev Gandhi International airport at Shamshabad it is 25 kilometers from the Ashram. Native buses and taxis are gettable to access the temple.

Sri Sadguru Samarth Narayan Ashram JiyagudaAddress:
opp MCH colony,
Shiva Bagh,
Telangana 500006.
Phone: 040 2482 5313

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