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Sri Subramanyaswamy Temple In Nellore

mallam-subramanya-swamySri Subramanyaswamy Temple temple was constructed by the Chola rulers of the 10th and 11th Centuries in Malla village which is in Nayudupeta, Duggarajupatnam road in the Chittamuru mandal and it is 96 km away from Nellore.
The “Vasantala Mandapam” here is a shining example of sculpture of excellence. The “Vasantala Mandapam” is strikingly sculpted in the form of a chariot drawn by a pair of horses. Episodes and events from the epic of Ramayana and Siva puranam have been sculpted splendidly on the pillars of the Mandapam.

The Veera Kallulu “ of the veera saivas are also found here. The 64 pillars of the Vasantha Mandapam are tastefully decorated with pictures pf creepers and tales from Ramayanam, Bharatham and Bhagavatam. Many lovely sculptures adorn the sides of the lower part of the Mandapam. The temples of the consorts of Sri Subramanyaswamy and Sri Valli, Her encourage abd Devaseba lie in the inner “Prakaram” (compound wall) and opposite the “ Dwaram” (entrance) of Sri Subramanyaswamy Swamy.

Sri Subramanyaswamy Temple In Nellore

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