Srila Prabhupada Samadhi Project

From 1965 to 1977, Srila Prabhupada traveled the world 14 times, establishing 108 ISKCON centers in his lifetime. He continued to travel, preach and translate Srimad Bhagavatam until his departure from this world on November 14, 1977, at 19:25 at his home in Vrndavana, surrounded by loving disciples who sang the Mahamantra Hare Krishna he had brought in each village and village in the name of his spiritual master and Caitanya Mahaprabhu. On the spot where Srila Prabhupada was placed and seated in samadhi, his followers built a magnificent white marble Samadhi memorial engraved in his honor in front of his beloved Krishna Balarama Mandir. His beautiful merciful deity is greater than life on the altar, and immense bronze bas-reliefs of His Divine Grace’s activities and mission are placed behind the altar, behind the wall of parikrama in marble.

Srila Prabhupada

Upstairs, there are beautiful dioramas of him representing the Samsara Prayers we sing in every temple around the world. During the day, the devotees conduct a japa chanting program for visitors upstairs, and kirtan downstairs.

Samadhi Mandir front, connected by a marble bridge on the head, is a beautiful museum of white samadhi carved with diorama screens on the ground floor. The hall is intended for the educational use and distribution of its transcendental literature. Upstairs there is a wonderful photojournalistic calendar of activities and mission throughout Srila Prabhupada, parampara deities and display of all books in all languages. During the day, the videos are read on a small screen on the back, and at night, a movie quality shows the biggest activities of Srila Prabhupada on big money screen for all out of the temple.

The great divinity of worshiper His Divine Grace on the altar of Samadhi was made by his disciple Jagannath Krishna das Texas, and dioramas, the paramparadas Deities and bronze reliefs by his disciple Bhaktisiddanta das, who lives and served in Vrindavan.

Srila Prabhupada is sitting in his divine Samadhi to reciprocate with you in your direct service to him. Our debt to Srila Prabhupada can never be repaid for uplifting the world to Krishna consciousness. In gratitude for his compassion, let us fully cooperate together to maintain and protect his eternal Samadhi in Vrndavan to assure it will survive the

onslaught of time. Dedicated devotees in Vrndavan are engaged in daily maintenance and upkeep of the building, exhibits, gardens and altar.

There are also Special Projects which may interest you. For example:

A partial list of Maintenance costs follows:

* Rs.30,000 per month for general maintenance, cleaning, gardening,
painting, etc.

* Rs.45,000 per year for up-grading Prabhupada’s altar and Vyasana

* Rs.45,000 per year for up-grading exhibits on the first floor of both the
Samadhi and the Museum, and the dioramas downstairs in the Museum
* Rs.45,000 per year for continual stone polishing of the marble inside
* Rs.45,000 per year for continual stone polishing of the marble outside
* Rs.45,000 per year repairing damages caused by traffic, pollution, etc.
* Rs.45,000 per year for maintaining Prabhupada’s Memorial arch

* Rs.1,50,000 per year for repairing damages caused by age of the structure

The Samadhi Maintenance Fund Fixed Deposit ideally should reach Rs.2 crore in order to generate interest to cover ongoing maintenance expenses in the future.

***This service is eternal.***

Donations may be deposited at the Donation Room at the front of the temple. Please obtain a receipt for any donations given. If you prefer to donate by cheque or online, please note:

Rupee donations within India
SBI Samadhi A/c no. 10684301765
IFS code SBIN0002502

On-line donations

Cheques of On-line donations in foreign currency
ISKCON Foreign A/c #9100100-1456-5239
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IFSC code #UTIB0000794

From USA for tax exemption
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