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Swayam Bhvaneshwara Swamy – Lord Shiva Temple

About Swayam Bhvaneshwara Swamy

Swayam Bhvaneshwara Swamy Temple is in Aragonda village, Thavanampalle Mandal, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh, 15 km away from Kanipakam. This temple is near Ardhagiri Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple.

Swayam Bhvaneshwara Swamy History:

The history behind the temple is that an Idol of Bhuvaneshwara Swamy has found by two brothers (Akkanna and Bakkanna) when they were plowing their fields. The farmers installed the Shiva Lingam nearby to his field and started worshipping the Lord. On the second day after installation, a small dispute took place between Akkanna and Bakkanna, to decide who has to take up the task of construction of the Suyambu Bhuvaneshwara Swamy Temple. There is a subway that leads to Aragonda from this temple.

Swayam Bhvaneshwara Swamy Image Gallery:

Swayam Bhvaneshwara Swamy – Lord Shiva Temple

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