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Kerala Festivals

Chithira Second Day of Onam Festival | Chithira – Day Two

Chithira is the second day of celebrations in the ten-day-long Onam festivities. There is no marked ritual for the day. However, people offer their prayers to evoke divine blessings. Girls give importance to this day because they add new flowers to Pookalam. They started working on this from the day of Atham. The girls unleash […]

Sravanmahotsav | Shravan Utsav | Names of Onam

Names of Onam: Thiruvonam | Shravan Utsav Onam festival is celebrated on the full moon day in asterism Sravana in [August-September]. This asterism was sacred to Lord Vishnu. King Mahabali was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hence, this day became sacred for the people of Kerala. People of Kerala began to celebrate the festival […]

Tenth Day of Onam | Thiruvonam – Day Ten | Onam Annual Hindu Festival

Thiruvonam Aashamsakal! Enchanting Kerala reverberates with chants of Onaashmsakal, “To everyone, Onam Wishes”. People exchange warm greetings of the occasion on this tenth and most important day of Onam. People believe that on Thiruvonam [Thiru Onam], the spirit of legendary King Mahabali visits Kerala. Activities begin from the early morning. People clean their homes, take […]

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