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Chithira Second Day of Onam Festival | Chithira – Day Two

Chithira is the second day of celebrations in the ten-day-long Onam festivities. There is no marked ritual for the day. However, people offer their prayers to evoke divine blessings.

Second Day of Onam Festival

Girls give importance to this day because they add new flowers to Pookalam. They started working on this from the day of Atham. The girls unleash their creativity to think of the most creative and innovative design. The boys of the household help the girls by arranging the flowers. They create the best Pookalam in the neighborhood to invite Lord Maveli’s spirit to their home.

The planning and intense discussions for the big day of Onam begin from this day. Each event is fully discussed in great detail so that nothing remains undone or incomplete. A long shopping list is prepared. Children get the opportunity of adding their long pending demands to the elaborate list. This Onam festival is the time for all to fulfill their wishes!

Ten days of Onam:

Atham | Chithira | Chodhi | Visakam | Anizham | Thriketa | Moolam | Pooradam | Uthradam | Thiruvonam

Chithira Second Day of Onam Festival | Chithira – Day Two

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