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Utradam Ninth Day of Onam Festival | Uthradam – Day Nine

Utradam or Uthradam is the ninth and the penultimate day of the festival of Onam. All around Kerala, there is jubilation since people prepare to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali. In some regions of Kerala, Onam festivities commence in full fledged way from Utradam itself. It is a public holiday on Utradam or Uthradam. Some people call Utradam the first Onam day. Hence, to them, the next day is called the second Onam day.

Ninth Day of Onam Festival

Nayar Tarawads, traditional large joint families sharing a common kitchen. On Utradam, tenants and dependents of Nayar Tarawads bring farm produce or products of their toil. These are given as gifts called Onakazhcha to the Karanavar [eldest member of the Tarawad]. Karanavar greets these people warmly and treats them with a sumptuous meal on Thiru Onam. In addition, village artisans bring their handicrafts to the Karanavar and are graciously rewarded.

People clean their homes on this day. Everyone takes the responsibility to participate in the events that take place on the following day. Pookalam gets an additional new nice design with fresh and special flowers on Utradam [Uthradam] too.

Ten days of Onam:

Atham | Chithira | Chodhi | Visakam | Anizham | Thriketa | Moolam | Pooradam | Uthradam | Thiruvonam

Utradam Ninth Day of Onam Festival | Uthradam – Day Nine

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