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Kerala Onam Festival

Thiruvonam Tenth Day of Onam Festival | Thiruvonam – Day Ten

Thiruvonam Aashamsakal! The enchanting state of Kerala reverberates with the chants of Onaashmsakal, “To everyone, Onam Wishes”. People exchange warm greetings of the occasion on the tenth and most important day of Onam. People of Kerala believe that on Thiruvonam the spirit of legendary King Mahabali visits everyone. Activities begin early in the morning. People […]

Utradam Ninth Day of Onam Festival | Uthradam – Day Nine

Utradam or Uthradam is the ninth and the penultimate day of the festival of Onam. All around Kerala, there is jubilation since people prepare to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali. In some regions of Kerala, Onam festivities commence in full fledged way from Utradam itself. It is a public holiday on Utradam or Uthradam. […]

Triketta Sixth Day of Onam Festival | Thriketa – Day Six

Triketta or Thriketa is the sixth day of the carnival of Onam. Feeling of joy and jubilation is felt amongst the people of Kerala at this time. Cultural programmes and social gatherings are organised by various cultural societies all over the state. People of all religions caste and creed participate in these events. The well […]

Anizham Fifth Day of Onam Festival | Anizham – Day Five

Anizham is the fifth day of Onam celebrations. Highlight of this day is the event of the grand Snake Boat Race called Vallamkali. This always takes place on the fifth day of the Onam. This extremely popular competition takes place on the banks of River Pamba at Aranmulla. Millions of domestic and international tourists gather […]

Visakam Fourth Day of Onam Festival | Visakam – Day Four

Vishagam or Visakam is the fourth day of the Onam festivities. The number of days left for the big Onam festival is very few. Hence, the excitement becomes palpable amongst the people of Kerala. On Visakam, there are brisk activities in the market place. Even in the households, people are extremely busy with various activities. […]

Chodhi Third Day of Onam Festival | Chodhi – Day Three

Third day of the ten day long carnival of Onam, is called Chothi or Chodi. This busy day is marked by lots of activities. There is frenzied shopping witnessed in the market place all over the state of Kerala. Everybody buys new clothes and accompanying accessories for the grand festival of Onam. Also, gifts are […]

Names of Onam Festival | Sravanmahotsav | Thiruvonam

Onam is an important regional harvest or cultural festival celebrated and it holds a special place in the hearts of Malayalees, the people of Kerala. It falls during the month of Chingam, which marks the beginning of the Malayalam Calendar and the Malayalam New Year. Onam is not just a one-day affair; it’s a ten-day […]

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