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Triketta Sixth Day of Onam Festival | Thriketa – Day Six

Triketta or Thriketa is the sixth day of the carnival of Onam. Feeling of joy and jubilation is felt amongst the people of Kerala at this time. Cultural programmes and social gatherings are organised by various cultural societies all over the state. People of all religions caste and creed participate in these events. The well recognised Onam festival is seen to be a secular festival. Government of India celebrates Onam, the National Festival of Kerala, too.

Sixth Day of Onam Festival

There are no rituals observed on the day of Triketta. Some people have to stay away from families for various reasons. On this day, people return home to be with their families for Onam festival. Onam festival is the best times for family get together. Also, nobody likes to stay away from dear ones. The joys of Onam festivities double in the company of family members and close friends. On this happy note, Pookalam gets a more beautiful design and fresh flowers.

Ten days of Onam:

Atham | Chithira | Chodhi | Visakam | Anizham | Thriketa | Moolam | Pooradam | Uthradam | Thiruvonam

Triketta Sixth Day of Onam Festival | Thriketa – Day Six

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