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Anizham Fifth Day of Onam Festival | Anizham – Day Five

Anizham is the fifth day of Onam celebrations. Highlight of this day is the event of the grand Snake Boat Race called Vallamkali. This always takes place on the fifth day of the Onam. This extremely popular competition takes place on the banks of River Pamba at Aranmulla. Millions of domestic and international tourists gather to witness this colourful spectacle of the race.

Fifth Day of Onam Festival

Large numbers of long Snake Boats called Chundan Vallams are used for Vallamkali. Each boat is picturesquely decorated and is rowed by hundreds of oarsmen. These oarsmen wear their traditional dhotis and turbans. All boats are rowed to the rhythm of vanchipattu [boat songs]. Vallamkali is essentially a team event. Any mistake made by any oarsman might lead to the boat capsizing or overturning.

On the home front, more fresh flowers are added to the Pookalam. This is placed in the front courtyard of the house. Women become extremely busy making preparations for Thiru Onam. The general atmosphere of excitement prevails at this time in Kerala.

Ten days of Onam:

Atham | Chithira | Chodhi | Visakam | Anizham | Thriketa | Moolam | Pooradam | Uthradam | Thiruvonam

Anizham Fifth Day of Onam Festival | Anizham – Day Five

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