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Names of Onam Festival | Sravanmahotsav | Thiruvonam

Onam is an important regional harvest or cultural festival celebrated and it holds a special place in the hearts of Malayalees, the people of Kerala. It falls during the month of Chingam, which marks the beginning of the Malayalam Calendar and the Malayalam New Year. Onam is not just a one-day affair; it’s a ten-day extravaganza that concludes with the grand finale, Thiruvonam.

During these ten days of Onam, there are special customs, traditions, and celebrations that make it a really magical and delightful festival. The names of these ten days, in sequential order, are Atham, Chithira, Chodhi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam, and Thiruvonam. Among these, the first and the last days hold particular significance in Kerala and among Malayalee communities worldwide.

Onam goes by two names on its tenth and final day: Thiru Onam or Thiruvonam and Sravanmahotsav or Sravanotsavam. These names represent the most exciting part of the celebrations when everything comes together. Each of the ten days has its own special things that people do, which make Onam even more special and meaningful.

The Significance of Thiruvonam:

The Two Names of Onam and Their Significance:

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Names of Onam Festival:

Atham, Chithira, Chodhi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam, and Thiruvonam

Names of Onam Festival

The Ten-Day Onam Festival – A Closer Look:

1) The first day of Onam is known as Atham and it is of great significance. People commenced making Pookalam from this day. They wait for King Maveli to visit their house. The colorful procession Athachamyam is also carried in Kochi to mark the arrival of Onam.

2) The second day of Onam is known as Chithira. There are no major customs for this day. Girls add more flowers to the already existing Pookalam to make the design more colorful.

3) The third day of Onam is known as Chothi or Chodi. People indulge in shopping on this day. They ensure that they have made every effort to take care of everything required for Onam.

4) The fourth day of Onam is known as Vishagam or Visakam. Only a few days are left for Thiru Onam excitement is palpable among the people. Women become busy making preparations for the grand meal called Onasadya.

5) The fifth day of Onam is known as Anizham. The major highlight of this day is the grand race called Vallamkali. This takes place on the banks of the river Pampa at Aranmulla.

6) The sixth day of Onam is known as Triketta or Thriketa. A large number of cultural programs are organised in various parts of Kerala. All over the state, a general atmosphere of excitement and mirth prevails.

7) The seventh day of Onam is known as Moolam. Markets are busy with lots of activities. Lots of people do their last bit of shopping on this day. Fresh flowers are added to the same Pookalam which has an even more interesting design.

8) The eighth day of Onam is known as Pooradam. On this day people make clay idols in the shape of small pyramids called Ma. Since the idol was created on the day of Pooradam, it is also called Poorada Uttigal.

9) The ninth day of Onam is known as Utradam or Uthradam. This significant day is the penultimate day of Thiruvonam. In some places of Kerala, celebrations begin from Utradam.

10) The tenth day of Onam is known as Thiruvonam or Sravanotsav. This day is the most important and auspicious day. People believe that on this day spirit of King Maveli visits his people in Kerala. Each of these two names has a special significance for the people of Kerala. Some scholars believe that the two names are related. The present popular name Thiru Onam comes from Sravanotsavam.

Names of Onam Festival | Sravanmahotsav | Thiruvonam

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