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Pranaya Kalahotsavam the Divine Love Game

Tirumala on 6 January 2015:  The “Divine Love Game” enacted by the Lord Venkateshwara Swamy with his two companions ( Padhmavathi Ammavaru and Lakshmi Devi) with religious ecstasy as a part of “Pranaya Kalahotsavam” festival on Tuesday evening much to the charm of tens of thousands of devotees who flooded Tirumala hills to view the […]

Pranaya Kalahotsavam

Tirumala news on January 5: Pranaya Kalahotsavam is one among the series of festivals that are performed with religious pomp and gaiety in the abode of Lord Venkateswara swamy in Tirumala Hills. “Pranaya Kalahotsavam” is a unique and interesting festival where the Lord Srinivasa and His two consorts involve in verbal dual and the event […]

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