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Pranaya Kalahotsavam

Tirumala news on January 5: Pranaya Kalahotsavam is one among the series of festivals that are performed with religious pomp and gaiety in the abode of Lord Venkateswara swamy in Tirumala Hills. “Pranaya Kalahotsavam” is a unique and interesting festival where the Lord Srinivasa and His two consorts involve in verbal dual and the event finally ends with the Lord pacifying his two Consorts.

The festival of ‘Sriya Samvadam’, meaning dialogue between Lord and his two consorts was celebrated as “Pranaya Kalahotsavam” on the 17th day of Adhyayanotsavam at Tirumala in the month of the auspicious Dhanurmasam. As part of the festival the processional deities of Lord Malayappa and his two consorts will be taken around the mada streets in a grand procession on their respective golden palanquins in opposite directions.

When the two processions come face-to-face at the north-east corner of the temple town, opposite Swamy Pushkarini, the temple priests symbolically enact ‘Pranaya Kalahotsavam’ much to the amusement of thousands of devotees who had congregated to witness the “Divine Love Game”. A group of priests take the side of Lord and another side of Goddesses and enact the love game. Adding more colour, the two consorts threw flower balls at the Lord who in turn duck to escape the floral attacks of His spouses, giving lighter moment to the pilgrims.

The priests recite ‘pasurams’ from the Alwar Divy Prabandham penned by Sri Nammalwar in Ninda Stuthi style (form of praising Lord with apparent criticisms) which is unique to this festival alone. This religious event concludes finally with the Lord pacifying His two consorts putting all His endeavors and returns to the temple.

TTD has cancelled arjitha Vasanthotsavam following this festival on Tuesday. This festival will take place between 4.30pm to 5.30pm in Tirumala.

Pranaya Kalahotsavam

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