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Taipei City ISKCON Temple, Taiwan, Hours

About Taipei City ISKCON Temple:

Our temple was started in 1987 and the first faithful to come here were Western disciples of Srila Prabhupada. There were many, many dedicated people who worked very hard to lay the groundwork for our Taipei temple.

The main devotees were Sevananda Prabhu, Yasomati Suta Prabhu and SS Tamal Krishna Maharaj, SS Narasimha Maharaj and SS Giridhari Swami. Later, some devotees from Hong Kong also came to help with the preaching.
Devotees have done a lot of preaching and outreach programs. Many have also distributed books. But it was not easy for devotees because very few Taiwanese spoke or understood English. Due to the devout efforts of the devotees, some villagers began to join them. This gave a boost to the preaching.

ISKCON Temple Taipei City

These premises were then initiated by Tamal Krishna Maharaj and became RajLaxmi dd, Kisore das and Manohari dd. The temple moved several times in the early years, then to Ting Zhou Road, the temple was stable there for many years, under the care of Sankirtana Prabhu. He was the temple president for many years. RajLaxmi dd was then the translator of the temple and continues to do this service. The temple was now officially registered.

In the Temple of Ting Zhou Road, many other people have joined the temple, for the preaching efforts of Ekachakra Prabhu and Jahnava Mataji. These villagers are now initiated disciples of HH Giridhari Swami. The next president of the temple was Dayal Nitai Prabhu. He was assisted by his wife, RajLaxmi dd. Dayal Nitai Prabhu started more programs out of reach and therefore attracted more people. He organized the first Jagannath ratha yatra in Taiwan. He also started regular harinams on Saturdays and holidays.

Later, the temple moved to larger premises in 2010, under the custody of Taiwan GBC, Chandrasekhar Prabhu. Chandrasekhar Prabhu brought a revolutionary change. There was no longer a temple president, but there was a devout management committee to oversee the temple. The committee works under the direction of SS Krishna Baladeva Prabhu, a disciple of Prabhupada. All central devotees have gained more responsibilities and services. The congregation has also increased.

In addition to the weekly Sunday program, we have harinams on Saturdays, cooking classes and children’s classes. We have an annual celebration of ratha yatra and Janmasthami celebrations. The temple participates in the International Book Fair.

Taipei City ISKCON Temple Hours:

Sundays 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM
Weekly program in Taichung:Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM
Every Friday morning at 10:00am

Regular Programs:
Fridays: Children’s classes at 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Saturdays: Harinam at 4:30 PM

Taipei City ISKCON Temple Sundays:

The Sunday program starts at 4.00 pm. Includes devotional singing, lecture from Bhagavad Gita and complimentary dinner

Taipei City ISKCON Temple Address:

Taipei Foundation for Krishna Consciousness,
2F, No.3, Alley 2, Lane 39, Zhong Xiao E. Rd,
Sec.2, Taipei, Taiwan

English contact:
Krishna Bhavna dd

Shyamasundari: 0928-983-598
Lalita Sakhi: 0935-300-399

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