The Benefits of Walking Barefoot to Tirumala

Walking Barefoot to Tirumala Tirupati via Steps Path: A Pathway to Salvation

The footpath leading to Tirumala is known to be the royal road to salvation. The Alipiri Mettu and SriVari Mettu paths are considered to be the holiest paths, having been trodden by great saints such as Sri Ramanujacharya and the poet Sri Annamayya. It is therefore deemed meritorious to climb the Holy Seven Hills without any footwear.

It is said that Sri Venkateswara himself climbed the hills from Sri Vari Mettu after his marriage from Srinivasa Mangapuram. While many believe that the SriVari Mettu Path is called Apradakshinam and the Alipiri Mettu is Pradakshinam, Sri Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavathi actually climbed the hills from Srinivasa Mangapuram via the SriVari Mettu Path. The Srivari Mettu path was developed during the period of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Each hill in Tirumala holds great prominence, and the atmosphere is divine. For more information on the Seven Hills.

Luggage can be deposited before embarking on the steps path and collected upon reaching Tirumala. Free Divya Darshan tickets are issued along the path, with 14,000 tickets available per day at Alipiri Mettu.

The Srivari Mettu path is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It usually takes around 3 to 4 hours via the Alipiri Mettu path and 1 to 3 hours via the Srivari Mettu path.

Benefits of Walking Barefoot to Tirumala

Walking barefoot to Tirumala via the steps path is a unique and special experience. It is believed that the physical exertion and the pain that one may endure while climbing the hills barefoot are a form of penance and are offerings to Lord Venkateswara. This is why many devotees choose to take this arduous path to seek the blessings of the Lord.

Moreover, walking barefoot is believed to have several health benefits as well. Walking barefoot can stimulate the nerve endings in your feet, which in turn can improve your overall balance and stability. It can also improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve your posture.

Devotees who take the steps path are also blessed with breathtaking views of the hills and the natural beauty that surrounds the area. The path is lined with lush greenery, and the fresh air and cool breeze that one encounters along the way can be quite refreshing.

In addition to the physical benefits, taking the steps path can also be a spiritual experience. The climb up the hills is a time for introspection and reflection, and it can be an opportunity for devotees to connect with their inner selves and with the divine. The chanting of hymns and prayers during the climb can be a meditative experience that helps one to focus and find inner peace.

To ensure the safety of devotees, the steps are well-maintained and equipped with handrails and resting places at regular intervals. There are also volunteers along the path who provide drinking water and first-aid services to those in need.

In conclusion, walking barefoot to Tirumala via the steps path is an experience that is both physically and spiritually rewarding. It is an opportunity for devotees to offer their prayers and penance to the Lord while also reaping the benefits of walking barefoot. The climb up the hills is a journey that is filled with beauty, introspection, and divine blessings, making it a must-try experience for all devotees of Lord Venkateswara.

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