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Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple Timings, History, Festivals

Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple Timings:

Morning: 4.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Evening: 5.00 PM to 7.30 PM
Deeparadhana Darshan at 6.30 PM depends on Sun set timings

Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple Offerings:

Koovala Mala, Oil, Ghee, Pushpanjali, Mrityunjaya Homam etc.

About Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple:

Thiruvaloor Mahadeva Temple is an ancient temple located in Thiruvaloor, in the village of Alangad, Ernakulam District. Lord Siva facing east without his wife Parvathi is at Rowdra Bhava. This temple is one of the famous temples of Siva in Kerala, India. It is believed that the idol here is an Agni Pratishta, that is with the third eye of Lord Shiva open. The other idol of the temple is Lord Ganapati. Sub Temples of the Thiruvaloor Mahadeva Temple, Keezhanikavu is located very close to the temple, with Vishnu, Bhagavati and Nagas as idols. There is also a Rudraksha tree full of Rudrakshas. A very, very rare show.

Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple History:

You can see the pond located east of the temple in alignment with the idol, in sree kovil. It is believed that it is because the fire (agni) that the idol emits may be harmful to humans. To mitigate this effect, the pond is built this way.

The Legend says, during a tantric venue, the Sooryakalady Bhattathiripad, he got a curse from Yakshi and Gandharvan that he will die on 14th day and if he is able to do the evening deeparadhana darshan of Thiruvaloorappan then he won’t. However on the 13th day, there was an oracle from the Tiruvalur Sreekovil. ” Tomorrow the uchapuja should be finished by 10 am and everyone should leave”. On the 14th day Surya Kalady arrived at Tiruvallur. However he could pray as the Nada closed early that day. He had a terrible end. In his pain he had jumped, biten on the wooden roof of the temple. The teeth marks and his footsteps are still evident and can be seen on the temple door. The evening deeparadhana darshan is supposed to be very auspicious. It is also believed that if one does darshan then his death won’t happen that day.
A very ancient ‘Siva’ temple connected with Ramayana, this is where the place it is believed that ‘Jadayu’s’ tail is fallen after the confrontation with Ravana.

Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple

How to Reach Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple:

By Air:
Nedumbassery International airport is an international airport which is situated at a distance of about 20 km from Kochi.

By Train:
Kalamassery Rail Way Station , Alwaye Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Alangad.

By Road:
Taxis as well as buses facilities are also available from and to the main city. From Aluva take the State Highway to N.Parur. From the Alangad Junction (with a school) take left. Temple is around 2 km from there.

Thiruvaloor Mahadevar Temple Address:

Thiruvaloor Mahadeva Temple,
Ernakulam District,
Kerala 683511.