Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Online Registration – Special Entry Dashan – Seva FAQs

TTD Online Services Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1. Which services are available online?
Answer: Here is the list of services available through TTD official website:

  • Hundi
  • Donation
  • Seva
  • Special Entry Darshanam
  • Accommodation
  • Kalyana Vedika and
  • Subscription

Question 2. What is the age restriction to book and register a TTD service?
Answer: The register must be the age of 12 years or above to registered and book the services. Children who have 12 years do not need an entry ticket.

Question 3. Who can avail of the TTD services?
Answer: Only registered users can avail the services online.

Question 4. What is the Identity proofs being accepted for registration?
Answer: The below-mentioned list documents (Anyone) are accepted as the ID proof: The ID proof will manually verify in Tirumala/Tirupati in case of availing services.

  • PAN card
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card

Question 5. Is your Email ID act as a Username?
Answer: Yes, your email ID act as the username of your TTD account

Question 6. What if I forget the password?
Answer: If in case you can forget or rest your password then you can get your password by using your registered email ID or Mobile number.

  • Visit the TTD official website and click on the login button
  • And click on Forget password button
  • Then enter your registered email ID and click on the continue button
  • A password reset link will send to your email ID
  • Click on that password reset link and enter the new password
  • And re-enter your password to confirm the password
  • Click on Continue button to complete the process

Question 7. What ate the different ways to book for TTD sevas/Special Entry Darshan/Accommodation in advance?
Answer: Applicants can book

  • Sevas/Accommodation through online, current booking and Darshan counters.
  • Special entry Darshnam through Online, Current booking, Post office, and Darshan counters.
  • Hundi, Sapthagiri Magazine, Kalyana Vedika only by online.
  • Donation through Online and Donor cell in Tirumala.
  • This Special Entry Darshan can book and available by registered users. There is a limit of two transactions per day for the user.
  • Accommodation can book by registered user 90 days in advance.
  • Seva tickets will allow only after 180 days from the last booking date.

Question 8. How can I check my online booking details?
Answer: All the transaction details are available “Transaction History” option in the main menu. This service is for the registered user after logging in.

Question 9. Will Users receive any SMS or Email ID notification after booking online Sevas?
Answer: Yes, registered users will receive an SMS or Email to your registered for both successful and failed transactions. For the successful bookings, an acknowledgment slip will get to users.

Question 10. What are the payment options available?
Answer: Users can avail the online services by using all debit/credit cards, net banking facility, Maestro cards and foreign cards containing 20 digit numbers are not accepted.

Question 11. Who can check availability for Seva, Special Darshanam, and Accommodation Facilities?
Answer: Here both the registered and non registered users can check the availability of Special entry darshan, Seva, and Accommodation.

Question 12. Is Advancement/cancellation/postponement/refund allowed for any of the services?
Answer: There will be no postponement or advancement of the successful booking or transactions. The only cancellation of accommodation is allowed.

Question 13. How do I get my refunds?
Answer: Refund on the failed transaction: The amount gets debited from customer account also ticker is not issued then the amount shall refund within 7 working days (from date of transaction).

Refund for cancellations: Accommodation tickers can cancel through online and refund of traffic shall credit.

Question 14. What is Seva in TTD?
Answer: A devotee can avail Arjitha Sevas to Lord Srinivasa in Tirumala by booking Sevas through online.

Question 15. Is there any dress code to perform Sevas in TTD?
Answer: All Sevas require the traditional dressing norms as mentioned below:

Male: Dhoti around waist and Shirt on the shoulder or Pyjama
Female: Saree/Half saree with blouse or churidar with Pyjama along with Dupatta

Question 16. Is there any restriction to book Seva?
Answer: Children below 12 years are allowed with any tickets and Seva booking tickets will be allowed after 180 days from the previous last date

Question 17. What are the necessary things to carry before performing a Seva?
Answer: Devotes should carry their original Photo ID (Which was submitted at the time of booking Seva).

Question 18. Is Pilgrim allowed to avail darshan after performing Seva in Tirumala?
Answer: Yes, a devote can avail darshan after performing Seva successfully.

Question 19. How many members are allowed for Seva?
Answer: For all Sevas: Minimum one and maximum of 2 persons are allowed. Children below 12 years can accompany without Seva ticket.

For Kalyanotsavam: the Only married couple is allowed and a child below 12 years.

Question 20. What is Special Entry Darshan?
Answer: Devotees can avail the darshan of Lord Srinivasa by booking online in advance through https://ttdsevaonline.com.

Question 21. What are the reporting time and location to avail of a special entry darshan in Tirumala?
Answer: Devotes are advised to report the ATC car parking area in Tirumala. And the reporting time will be mentioned in the receipt.

Question 22. Which dress should maintain by devotes at the time of Special Entry Darshan?
Male: Dhoti around waist and Shirt on the shoulder or Pyjama and Female as Saree/Half saree with blouse or chudidhar with Pyjama along with Dupatta.

Question 23. Is there any restriction to book Special Entry Darshan?
Answer: There are no special restrictions for darshan. And there is the limit for 2 transactions per day. Pilgrims can also book special entry darshan tickets up to 3 hours before darshan.

Question 24. What you need to carry before availing darshan?
Answer: Users need to carry their original identity proof which is submitted at the time of booking.
Question 25. What are the different types of Darshan?

  • Sarva Darshan or free darshan.
  • Special Entry Darshan
  • Special darshan for physically disabled and aged
  • Divya Darshan for Pedestrians

Question 26. How many persons are allowed to avail of special entry darshan?
Answer: Maximum 10 members allowed for pre-booking and a registered user can do the 2 transactions in a day.

Question 27. If devotees can opt for additional Laddus?
Answer: Yes, Devotes can avail a maximum of 2 additional Laddus. The system will allow the maximum number of additional Laddus based on the number of pilgrims selected at the time of booking.

Note: Each additional Laddu charged with ₹ 25/-

Question 28. Is accommodation is available for one single person?
Answer: No, Accommodation will not provide for a single person.
Can I cancel the accommodation booking and special entry darshan tickets?
No, cancellation of accommodation and special darshan is not allowed

Question 29. Can Pilgrims book Accommodation along with darshan?
Answer: Yes, Accommodation can be booked only for darshan slots 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM (in Nandakam Guest house).

For 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM Check-in 7:00 AM and Check put 2:00 PM. ₹ 250 is charged for room booking
For 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM slots Check-in time 3:00 PM to 6:00 AM. ₹ 250 as room booking charge and rent ₹ 350.

Question 30. What is Accommodation?
Answer: Any devotes can avail of the accommodation in Tirumala/Tirupati by booking online. Pilgrim can book accommodation a minimum of 1 day in advance.

Question 31. How many persons can avail of the accommodation?
Answer: Accommodation can available for a minimum of 2 persons.

Question 32. Can Pilgrim cancel the accommodation ticket?
Answer: Yes, a cancelation facility is provided to online advance booking pilgrims. This cancellation is allowed up to one day in advance.
If accommodations are not availed then the rent amount cannot be refunded under any circumstances

Question 33. Is there any restriction to book accommodation?
Answer: Single persons will not be provided the accommodation in Tirumala/Tirupati.
Pilgrims can book accommodation minimum 1 day and maximum 90 days in Advance

Question 34. How should I avail of accommodation?
Answer: In the case of Tirumala: You should carry the print receipt of accommodation and reach CRO in Tirumala. Provide that slip at the counter and within an hour you receive your accommodation.
In the case of Tirupati: Carry your accommodation slip and approach guest house as per reservation.

Question 36. Who can offer a contribution to Hundi?
Answer: Hundi offerings can give for both registered and non-registered users.

Question 38. What is the amount limit for Hundi?
Answer: Hundi offerings are accepted in Indian rupees minimum of ₹ 1 without any maximum limit.

Question 39. Donor Management system:
Answer: Donations made and are accepted towards schemes and trusts. The online donor management system is implemented with below-mentioned features:

Improve user interface in making the donation process smoother
Donors can make a donation to any of trusts through debit/credit or net banking facility
Already existing donors can activate their accounts online. If you have any issues with activating their account then contact/approach donor cell (0877 2263472, 2263727)

Question 40. How to create a new Donor?

  • Visit the TTD official website to create the new donor.
  • The registered website through Email ID
  • After login navigate to Donation Management system screen and complete the donation process
  • An acknowledgment receipt appears immediately after a successful transaction
  • IT deduction certificate and Digital Passbook are generated within 2 working days.

Question 41. Guidelines for Existing Donor?
Answer: To activate the account and donate online provide the Donor ID, Trust name, Valid Email ID, passbook number, phone number, and identity proof in existing self-service form.
The mobile number will validate with OTP. Provided details are validated with existing data and an email will send with an activation link and password. By providing that login details you will navigate to Donor Management system screen and book online in advance for the darshan/accommodation etc.

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