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Sakthi Katari Theertham Tirumala

Sakthi Katari Theertham is the most powerful and sacred Theertham in Tirumala Hills. This is the place where there will be no power for evil spirits. Anyone who approaches this theertham with evil thoughts will be punished. This theertham is located deep in the forest area of Tirumala. It will take hours of walking to get to this Theertham. Bathing here will receive the blessing of Goddess Durga.

The water falls from the high hills and the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding hills. It takes an hour walk from Old Papavinasanam Theertham to reach this place. You have to be careful here when crossing paths because the edges are too sharp and you can easily slip.Sakthi Katari Theertham Tirumala

Other Important Theerthams:

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  2. Akasa Ganga Theertham
  3. Papavinasanam Theertham
  4. Pandava Theertham
  5. Kumaradhara Theertham
  6. Tumbhuru Theertham
  7. Ramakrishna Theertham
  8. Japali Theertham

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