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Tirumala Thumburu Theertham History | Tumburu Theertham Timings

Tumburu or Gghona or Thumburu Theertham is one of the most popular and most visited places and 108 theerthas, located about 16 km from the Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple and 7 km from Papavinasanam. The Thumburu Theertham is opened only on one day in the year in Chaithra Poornima. For the remaining of the year, it is closed and not allowed to devotees. This Theertham has a long history that dates back to the Vedic ages and there are many stories about the Theertham. It is said a great fortune and time follows who takes a dip in the Thumburu Theertham.

Theertham Theertham is at a distance of 7 km from Papa Vinasanam and Kalyani Dam point, but you have to walk across this Sanaka Sanandhana/ Kumaradhara theertham to get here through difficult terrain. Every year, the route to the Theertham is open to the public during the Phalguna Poornima in the month of March. The pilgrims can also visit the other five sacred Theerthams on the way to this place.

Famous is that 3 crores 50 lakh holy theerthams will join here when Sun is in Meena Rasi and on Pournami day. Thousands of years ago there was a disaster and one hill divided into two and hence formed this theertham.

Thumburu theertham is a wonder of nature, just like Your Highness. You will travel between two valleys where water has been flowing for millions of years and has caused massive erosion. You will come to small waterfalls and small reservoirs where you can see all the natural beauty. The real “Bangaru Balli” is said to live here, which is not usually seen. A small Lord Thumbura idol can be seen carved on a mountain on your left when going to the falls.

Thumburu theertham can only be reached by a full trek. There is no transport to get to the place except by walking. Elderly people, pregnant women and people who cannot walk are not suggested to visit this place. The Theertham is open only one day a year, so don’t try to visit on other days.

You must bring water bottles and appropriate food before visiting the premises. We have no facilities, medical emergencies or anywhere to stay on the way to Theertham. The hike will continue through dense forest and will involve some rock climbing. TTD will do arrangements like water, rope, etc. to help people, but at a minimal level.

To get to thumburu theertham one has to reach Papavinasanam dam, the gates of the dam will be opened and the public will be allowed to cross the dam to the other side to reach the theertham. From this point, you have to follow the public for directions and you have to be in a group when you start walking.

Tumburu Theertham Tirumala

Thumburu Theertham History:

This sacred Theertham has a story behind its formation, which is about a Thumbura and his lazy wife. According to Legend, Sage Tumburu cursed his lazy wife to become a toad and live in this lake till Sage Agasthya arrived at this theertha and described the merit of the theertha to his sishyas. On hearing his words, she regained her form Gandharva again. Since then this Theertham came to be known as Tumburu Teertham.

Tirumala Thumburu Theertham History | Tumburu Theertham Timings

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