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Types of Dharshan Available at Tirumala

Types of Dharshan Available at Tirumala:-
Dharshan for Aged and Physically Handicapped:
This Special darshan is arranged for physically disabled and aged, through a separate gate at the Maha Dwaram. The main temple entrance. The pilgrims falling under this category will be allowed at 10 am and 3 pm every day on showing the age proof id-cards.

Special Entrance Darshan or 300 Rs darshan:
Special Entrance Darshan facility was introduced on 21-09-2009 to provide quick darshan to the pilgrims when the pilgrim rush is heavy. The cost of the ticket in Rs.300/- per person which will be issued at AQC-1.

Sarva Darshan: Sarva Darshan is the free darshan where in the piligrims wait for their turn to catch the glimpse of Lord in the compartments of Vaikintham Queue Comples II.
Vaikuntm q Comples-2

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