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Varalakshmi Vratam Pooja in 2017 | Goddess Lakshmi Festival

Varalakshmi Vratam Pooja falls on 4th August 2017 Friday

Varalakshmi Vratam Pooja:
Simha Lagna Pooja Muhurat Timings – 6:44 am to 9:01 am.
Duration – 2 Hours 17 Mins

Vrishchika Lagna Pooja Muhurat Timings – 1:37 pm to 3:56 pm.
Duration – 2 Hours 18 Mins

Kumbha Lagna Pooja Muhurat Timings – 7:42 pm to 9:10 pm.
Duration = 1 Hour 27 Mins

Vrishabha Lagna Pooja Muhurat Timings – 24:10+ to 26:05+ (midnight).
Duration – 1 Hour 55 Mins

Varalakshmi Vratam Pooja

About Varalakshmi Vratam:
Varalakshmi Puja day is considered as a very important day to worship the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Varalakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and one of the forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Varalakshmi was appeared from the milky ocean or Kshir Sagar. She was having the complexion of milky ocean and wears similar color attire.

It is believed that Goddess Varalakshmi confers boons and fulfills the desires of her devotees. Hence this form of the goddess is called as Vara and Lakshmi, or the Goddess Lakshmi who confers boons.

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