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Vegetarian Crocodile Ananthapura Lake Temple, Kasargod Babiya

In Kerala state a small village named Kasargode has an interesting story. The place is famous for its lake temple. The lake holds an amazing and interesting crocodile in it. The locals call it as Babiya. This crocodile feeds on only the vegetarian food. People consider this crocodile as the protector and a guardian of this Ananthapura lake temple. The interesting fact about this crocodile is they are protecting from generations. Like people serve the kingdom one after the other the same way when one crocodile dies another crocodile comes from somewhere and takes the charge of guarding the temple. No one knows where does this crocodile come from and live. Several people saw this crocodile and they told that it is living here from 150 years as they didn’t see any other crocodiles in all these years.

The crocodile didn’t harm anyone till now. It didn’t even eat a fish that are living in the lake. Once the Ucha pooja or the poja done in the afternoon is completed, the priest will be offering rice and jaggery gruel to the crocodile and the crocodile eats it. It is also said that the crocodile is living in a cave which is near to the temple. So, when the priest offers it food it will come there and eat it and goes back into the cave again. The temple has a small temple of Lord Sri Krishna on the south west direction. According to the people about sixty seven years ago the British people killed one of the crocodile and surprisingly another crocodile appeared in the lake on the next day.
Veg Crocodile Ananthapura
Many people don’t know about the exact location from where the crocodiles are coming as they don’t see any lakes or any rivers near to them. The harmless crocodile is an attraction and everyday it is fed with rice and is called ‘MOSALE NAIVEDYA” and this is considered to be the most prominent offer given in this temple.

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