Vishu Festival Pooja Dates And Puja Timings From 2018 To 2030

Vishu Kani On Sunday 15th April 2018
Sankranti Timings: = 8:27 AM on 14th, April

Vishu Kani On Monday 15th April 2019
Sankranti Timings: = 2:25 PM on 14th, April

Vishu Kani On Tuesday 14th April 2020
Sankranti Timings: = 8:39 PM on 13th, April

Happy Vishu

Vishu Kani On Wednesday 14th April 2021
Sankranti Timings: = 2:48 AM

Vishu Kani On Friday 15th April 2022
Sankranti Timings: = 8:56 AM on 14th, April

Vishu Kani On Saturday 15th April 2023
Sankranti Timings: = 3:11 PM on 14th, April

Vishu Kani On Sunday 14th April 2024
Sankranti Timings: = 9:15 AM on 13th, April

Vishu Kani On Monday 14th April 2025
Sankranti Timings: = 3:30 AM

Vishu Kani On Wednesday 15th April 2026
Sankranti Timings: = 9:38 AM on 14th, April

Vishu Kani On Thursday 15th April 2027
Sankranti Timings: = 3:32 PM on 14th, April

Vishu Kani On Friday 14th April 2028
Sankranti Timings: = 21:46 on 13th, April

Vishu Kani On Saturday 14th April 2029
Sankranti Timings: = 03:55

Vishu Kani On Monday 15th April 2030
Sankranti Timings: = 09:59 on 14th, April

About Vishu:
In the state of Kerala, Mesha Sankranthi is celebrated as Vishu, though it is not traditionally celebrated as New Year in the Malayalam Calendar. According to Malayalam Calendar, the New Year starts on the first day of Chingam. However, people in the Malabar area and some other parts of Kerala consider Vishu as the astronomical New Year.

Vishu is celebrated with much festivity and enthusiasm in all parts of Kerala. Vishu Kani is the most important event in Vishu. Vishu Kani is a ritual which involves seeing the most auspicious thing at early morning on the Vishu day, which is believed to bring luck throughout the year.

Another famous ritual is Vishukkaineetam, which involves gifting money to children, relatives, servants and tenants by the elders of the family to share the happiness of the day.

Vishu is also a day of feast. The foods consist of delicious meals as well as equal proportions of salty, sweet, sour and bitter items. Some of the special items are Vishu kanji, Thoran, and Vishu kata. The delicacies also include Veppampoorasam, which is a bitter preparation of neem, and Mampazhapulissery, a sour and tasty mango soup.

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