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Vrndavanastakam Lyrics in with Meaning


Vrindavana Ashtakam Lyrics in :

na yoga siddhir na mamastu mokso
vaikuntha loke pi na parsadatvam
premapi na syad iti cet taram tu
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 1 ||

taraam janur yatra vidhir yayace
sad bhakta cudamanir uddhavo’ pi
viksyvaiva madhurya dhuram tad asmin
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 2 ||

kim te krtam hanta tapah ksititi
gopyo pi bhume stuvate sma kirtim
yenaiva krsnanghri padankite smin
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 3 ||

gopangana lampata taiva yatra
yasyam rasah purnatamatvam apa
yato raso vai sa iti srutis tan
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 4 ||

bhandira govardhana rasa pithais
tri simake yojana pancakena
mite vibhutvad amite pi casmin
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 5 ||

yatradhipatyam vrsabhanu putrya
yenodayet prema sukham jananam
yasmin mamasa balavat yato smin
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 6 ||

yasmin maha rasa vilasa lila
na prapa yam srirapi sa tapobhih
tatrollasan manju nikunja punje
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 7 ||

sada ruru nyanku mukha visankam
khelanti kujanti pikali kirah
sikhandino yatra natanti tasmin
mamastu vrndavana eva vasah || 8 ||

vrndavanasyastakam etad uccaih
pathanti ye niscala buddhayas te
vrndavanesanghri saroja sevam
saksallabhante januso ‘nta eva || 9 ||

Vrindavana Ashtakam Meaning:

Let me not have mystic powers, impersonal liberation, the Lord’s association in Vaikuntha, or even pure love for Him, if instead of them I may reside in Vrndavana. || 1 ||

When Brahma and Uddhava, the crest jewels of devotees, saw the intense sweetness here, they begged to take birth here even as a blade of grass. For this reason I pray to reside in Vrndavana. || 2 ||

Here the gopis glorified the earth, saying: “O Earth, what austerities have you done, so that your surface is now marked with Krishna’s footprints?” May I reside in Vrndavana. || 3 ||

May I reside in Vrndavana where, because the Vedas say raso vai sah (The Supreme Personality of Godhead is sweetness), transcendental sweetness attained its highest perfection in the gopis’ passionate love. || 4 ||

Although only five yojanas in circumference, bounded by Bhandiravana, Govardhana Hill and the rasa-dance arena, it is unlimited in transcendental opulence. May I reside in Vrndavana. || 5 ||

Because Vrsabhanu’s daughter is the queen, and because here the happiness of pure love of God rises, I yearn to live here. I pray: May I reside in Vrndavana. || 6 ||

Even by performing many austerities goddess Lakshmi could not enter the great rasa-dance pastime here. May I reside in the splendidly beautiful groves of Vrndavana. || 7 ||

May I reside in Vrndavana, where the ruru and nyanku deer fearlessly play, the cuckoos, bumblebees, and parrots sing, and the peacocks dance. || 8 ||

They who with great concentration read aloud this Vrndavanastaka, at the end of this life attain direct service to the lotus feet of Vrndavana’s master. || 9 ||

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