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Worshipping at Sri Narasimha Eranna Swamy Temple in Kurnool

A large number of devotees can be seen at this temple on Mondays, Thursdays and New Moon days. Sravana, the Telugu month is a very important festival month of this temple.

On the third Monday of Sravana, the devotees prepare sweet rice dish on temporary hearths outside the temple as an offering to Eranna Swamy. Even though it rains heavily every year on this particular day, the devotees would be able to cook the rice dish using wet firewood in the wet hearths, which is believed to be a great miracle of Sage Eranna.

On the last Monday of Sravana, the deities are taken to the River Tungabadra to perform Abhishekam, which is known as Pallaki Seva. In this month, people offer holy ash (Vibhuti) to Eranna Swamy and take it back as Prasad. This vibhuti is said to have miraculous healing power. If it is applied to the forehead of a person suffering from illness or taken orally, the patient will be cured with the blessings of Eranna Swamy.

In the month of Sravana, devotees offer rice, dal and jaggery to the temple which are used for preparing Prasad.

Urukunda Sri Narasimha Eranna Swamy Temple

Marriage functions in the village begin with prayers to Eranna Swamy. After the end of the ceremonies the bride and the groom visit the temple to seek blessings of the deities for a happy wedded life. After childbirth they come again to the temple and offer the birth hair of the child to the God to express their gratitude.

During the recent renovation, a large waiting area and shops are built outside the temple that will enable people to stay and rest during the Sravana festival. During the day, the Anna Dhana Chatra of the temple serves food to the pilgrims who come to the temple after travelling long distances.

Eranna Temple Timings: 4.00 am to 8.00 pm

Eranna Swamy Temple Address:
Sri Narasimha Eranna Swamy Temple,
Kauthalam Mandal,
Kurnool District,
Andhra Pradesh – 518344.

Office Phone Number: 9491000738 , 9966390671.

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