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2016 Kuppam Sri Prasanna Tirupati Gangamma Jathara Schedule

Sri Prasanna Tirupati Gangamamba Jatara is a very famous festival celebrated every year for eight days in the month of may in the famous Sri Prasanna Tirupati Gangamma Temple at Kuppam in Chittoor District. Here is the details of Kuppam Jathara Timings, Procession Dates and all Utsavam details.


DateDayTimingsEvent Details
10th May 2016Tuesday10:30 amAbhishekam to Gangamamba
10th May 2016Tuesday12:00 pm OnwardAmbili distrubuted to the devotees in the temple
11th May 2016WednesdayAfter 12:00 amChatimpu
18th May 2016Wednesday7:00 pmSri Vinayaka Swamy Utsava Murthy Procession
19th May 2016Thursday7:00 pmSri Prasanna Muthu Mariamma two Utsava Murthy Procession
20th May 2016Friday1:00 pmAnnadhanam to all devotees
20th May 2016Friday7:00 pmSri Prasanna Muthu Mariamma Two Utsava Murthy’s Procession on Sesha Vahanam
21st May 2016Saturday7:00 pmSri Prasanna Muthu Mariamma Two Utsava Murthy’s procession on Simha Vahanam
22nd May 2016Sunday7:00 pmSri Prasanna Muthu Mariamma Two Utsava Murthy’s procession on Aswa Vahanam
23rd May 2016MondayMorning HoursRemoving Sri Prasanna Muthu Mariamma Kandlu Thera (Eyes Curtain).Agni Gunda Pravesam
23rd May 2016MondayEvening HoursPushpa Pallaki, Garige, Nayyandi, Fireworks Cracking
24th May 2016Tuesday7:15 amRemoving Sri Prasanna Muthu Mariamma Sirassu Kandlu Thera.Goddess Head procession, Garige, Fireworks,  Pamba Dance Show, Garadi Bommalaata
25th May 2016Wednesday9:00 am -11:00 pmRemoving Sri Prasanna MuthuMariamma Sirassu Kandlu Thera. Pongallu.Viswaroop Darshanam.Decorating Goddess with Diamond Crown (Vajra Kireeta Alankarana)
25th May 2016Wednesday8:00 amGoddess will be receiving Melchat Vastram (Saare) from Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

Note: To walk in Agni Gundam (Theemithi, Fire Walking Festival) the minimum age is above 15 years.

Temple Address:
Sri Prasanna Tirupati Gangamamba Devalayam,
RVM Street, Kuppam, Chittoor District.
Andhra Pradesh 517425

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