2016 Tirupati Gangamma Temple Jathara Details

Date Day Event Details
10th May 2016 Tuesday Chatimpu
11th May 2016 Wednesday Bairagi Vesham
12th May 2016 Thursday Banda Vesham
13th May 2016 Friday Thota Vesham
14th May 2016 Saturday Dhora Vesham
15th May 2016 Sunday Mathangi Vesham
16th May 2016 Monday Sunnapu Kundalu
17st May 2016 Tuesday Gangamma Jathara (Sapparalu)
18nd May 2016 Wednesday at 4.00 am Viswa Roopa  Darshanam
[/su_table] Thathaya Gunta GangammaFor Further details and performance of pujas

Contact : The Executive Officer, Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma Devastanam, Tirupati

Temple Address:
Sri Tattaiah Gunta Gangamma Devasthanam,
Near Tuda Office, Tirupati.
Contact Number: 0877 22207666


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  • Very beautiful temple….Very neatly maintained and perfectly organised by the EO of the temple.

    • Dear Shruthi
      Please explain your experience with mentioned the name of the temple details that you visited so that the other visitors get your point of expression precisely about the particular temple which you are speaking about.
      Namah Shivaya