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Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma In Tirupati | Ganga Jathara

Thathaya Gunta Gangamma

About Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma:

Sri Thathaya Gunta Gamgamma is Grama devatha of Tirupati town. Once upon a time when Tirupati and surrounding areas are ruled by “Palegondulu”, harassment on women was enormous, they use to rape and harass any woman seen.

During this time in a village “Avilala” the Goddess Gangamma was born and grown as most beautiful women. When the Palegondulu want to the Goddess Gangamma with bad intention, she with her grace and power tried to kill him fearing her, Palegondulu was hidden in a remote place.

To take him out of hide the Gangamma planned “Ganga Jathra” where the people in Tirupathi do vichitra veshadarana and curse Gangamma for a period of 7 days. On the seventh day the“Palegondulu” comes out of the hide and is killed by Goddess Gangamma for the “LokaKalyanam”.

The Gangamma Jatara is a very famous local festival for the is a very famous local festival for the People of Tirupati. It is done every year in month of May. As the Gangamma temple was in banks of Thathaya gunta, the temple is famous as “Thathaya Gunta Gangamma Temple”. People worship this goddess with great belief, on Tuesdays and Fridays “Pongallu” is offered to the deity.

1) There is ample literary and epigraphic testimony to the antiquity of the temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Rahukala Puja is famous in this temple, on Tuesday and Friday during Rahukala period special pooja’s are done for the deity.

2) Navarathri(Dasara) festivals are done during Dasara period, Every day the gangamma is dressed depending on the occasion and prayed.

3) Lakha Kumkuma Archana is done on special occasions.

4) Swasyatha Abishekam – Depending on wish of devotee on any particular day of a year, Abishekam is done to deity on behalf of devotee with his/her name and gothra. Price: Rs. 2,500 /-

5) Nitya Anna Dana Padhakam – Depending on wish of devotee on any particular day of a year Annadanam is done for 50 people.

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For Further details and performance of pujas

Contact : The Executive Officer, Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma Devastanam, Tirupati

Sri Tattaiah Gunta Gangamma Temple Address:

Sri Tattaiah Gunta Gangamma Devasthanam,
Near Tuda Office, Tirupati.
Contact Number: 0877 22207666

4 thoughts on “Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma In Tirupati | Ganga Jathara

  1. Its very worst temple in tirupati…On gangamma jatara… VIP tickets issued by chairman…. Temple management is totally failed to….I have waiting in line from 2hrs evening i leaved temple without darshanam….Only 50Rs line is moving all working with money …Their is no bakthi.

    1. Dear Hemanth
      Very sorry to hear your pain of not able to get the dharshan of Goddess Gangamma. It is there every where almost occupied. People only should resist such on the spot and drive the people who ever come with a recommendation letter and get dharshan. The day it comes everyone will have dharshan of the mother in a single general line in every temple.
      The god should only come and resolve this issues.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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