2017 Sri Kurumurthy Swamy Jatara Dates

Sri Swamy Kurumurthy Jatara will start on 26 October 2017 and ends on 14 November 2017.

The government had made all necessary arrangements for the devotees who visit Sri Swamy Kurumurthy Jatara, according to district collector Mr. Reddy Purushotham.

Sri Swamy Kurumurthy Jatara, the largest Jatara in the district, the Jatara will be held for 19 days in the village of Ammapur in Deverkadra Mandal. The annual event will begin from Deepavali October 26 to 14 November.

Sri Kurumurthy Swamy

The most important celebrations during the Brahmotsavalu day is the 2nd of November, the day when Sri Vari “Uddala Seva” will take place when the foot wear is made and submit it to Sri Swamy Kurumuthy.

The collector discussed arrangements with the concerned officers and temple committee members here Wednesday. He said there will be strict supervision by the staff of excise duties to contain the sale of alcohol in the Jatara.

The collector ordered officials and others who should agree to ensure drinking water and sanitation. To provide a suitable power source, an additional transformer would be configured.


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