2020 Cancer Karkataka Rashi Horoscope, Astrology

General overview 2020:

Cancer Horoscope for the 2020 prediction shows a combination of outcomes for the year. In business relationship as well as married life, you may look forward to a promising result. If you remain patient, it will last for only few months. On the 29th of January, Saturn would collaborate with Capricorn mark and the horoscope of your house. At the onset of 22020, Rahu may be inside Gemini’s 12th home sign and lather combines with the Taurus sign, by September 23rd inside your 11th house.

Besides all these, it is important to examine another transit, which is for planet Jupiter. It enters the sign of Capricorn on March 29 in the 7th house. After witnessing retrograde movement, it will migrate backwards in Sagittarius mark by the 30th day of June to re-enter the Capricorn into the 7th house when it clears off. The beauty planet Venus may be combusted from May 29 till June 09. The forecast for 2020 Cancer Horoscope shortlisted below: Economic status of Cancer Horoscope 2020 owing to the disorder of the 2nd house, Lord the Sun inside your 6th home with the double malefic planets, the commencement section of the year 2020 might not look favorable for you in financial matters. Nonetheless, your gains won’t be much affected. The chance for a dropdown in your cash or salary at the onset of February may occur. There may be the opportunity of getting an inheritance in February through March. Even, by this time of the year, your revenue inflow would be much.

There is a strong inflow of cash during the months from April through June, rather there exists the chance of having arguments with your legal links. You could either gain cash from international sources or get some losses due to expenditure incurred from the month of July till August. When it comes to things like the economic situation in this year, the last half part of 2020 will be promising. You could purchase luxury brands for your relatives between the month of November and December. You may purchase new vehicles or landed properties or other forms of properties. Your economic status may be favorable except during few sections of the first months of the year. The 2020 prediction will generally be the great year as regards to your financial well-being.

Cancer 2020 Horoscope / Karkataka Rasi

Sanskrit Name : Karkataka
Meaning of Name : The Crab
Type : Water-Cardinal-Negative.
Lord : The Moon
Lucky Color : Orange, White
Lucky Day : Monday, Thursday
Lucky Number : 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25
Birth Stones : Opals and Moonstones

2020 Cancer Career Horoscope:

This year, Cancerians may expect good results in terms of career. At the beginning of the year, your income would be good. Venus the Lord of your eleventh house will be placed in the seventh house. Your sixth house is also strong during the initial phase. However, your luck may not go as per your expectations. During the months of February, your income may either fluctuate or there could be a financial loss. Mars being your 10th lord will be in the 5th house of your horoscope which is good and indicates that you may get employed in your area of specialization and your earnings will be good.

During the months of March-July, the inflow of money appears to be good. Your income may increase owing to promotion from your current position. In the month of August, you may earn from foreign sources as well. There might be an increase in expenditure during this month. During the months of September and October, you may get a hike or may change your job. The company you join will be a good one and a handsome hike in salary will be received owing to strong 10th house and its lord Mars. November-December will remain good for you in terms of your career.

Those natives of moon sign Cancer who are involved in any kind of business will find the second half of the year to be favourable. You may face some difficulties in your business partnership due to malefic aspect over your seventh house. Your revenue will, however, be not affected much. Overall, the year 2020 is good for you with regards to career and profession.

2020 Cancer Love Horoscope:

The Cancer Horoscope 2020 for love life predicts that the year 2020 will play an important role in the love life of Cancerians. A turning point in your love life is expected during this year. You will be a loyal partner and will love your partner with all your heart. There will be a mutual feeling of attraction and affection between you and your partner. You will be able to tick many boxes in your love checklist by visiting many places with your partner or by spending memorable time with them. Your lover will not only be your love interest but will also be a true friend that you will confide in. You will pour your heart out to your partner and they will understand and respect your feelings.

You will realise that the problems in your relationship were a result of you being afraid of commitment. However, during this year, you will rise above your fear and will be a devoted partner. This will strengthen the bond that you share with your partner.

Those who are single might get involved with more than one person. Your friends will support you in your love matters and will help you win the heart of your loved one. You will get connected on a spiritual level with your partner during the month of April. There are not many chances of a transition of your love life to married life during this year. Those who have always been single might continue their legacy. This was the Cancer 2020 predictions for your love life.

2020 Cancer Health Horoscope:

For you, dear Cancer, the health is intensely influenced by the stress level during this year we just stepped into.

The stress reduces immunity, so it lowers the body’s capacity to fight diseases. The most stressful period for you seems to be the warm season.

Fortunately, a rich vitamin diet, but low in calories, as well as regular physical activity, represent weapons to considerably reduce the body’s level of hormones, but also of the free radicals.

This is why the resolutions for this year should aim, at least health-wise, a healthy nutrition and exercise programs for each season.

Either you choose to go to the gym or to sign up for an exercise group (yoga, dance, aerobics), or you choose to make long walks, to run or to venture in hiking.

Any type of sport is beneficial for you during this year.

Don’t forget to rest, since sleep is another redoubtable enemy against stress.

Try to establish a healthy routine regarding your sleep hours and to relax whenever you have the chance.

You can also try other forms of anti-stress therapies, if you consider they might be helpful, from aromatherapy and music therapy to homeopathy, massage, acupuncture and many others.

2020 Month by Month Astrology Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope:

January:- Strong emotions regarding your family, home, or childhood seem to overwhelm you, and you will strive to overcome them.

February:- This month could bring for the single Cancer the chance to meet someone who will raise their interest, and start a sentimental relationship.

March:- It is the right time to focus on your health, and to adopt better habits.

April:- Those born under the Cancer sign should pay more attention to this aspect because older healt issues might reoccur this month.

May:- The full moon could bring an unexpected amount of money for Cancer, and Sun can determine them to make everything possible to improve their income, and it will even bring them opportunities in this respect.

June:- Cancer will have the chance to associate, and to sign interesting partnerships, which will help them to gain attention professionally.

July:- July is going to be a lively month sentimentally. If so far, they felt that things don’t add up, from now on, they will give love another meaning, another connotation.

August:- Cancer will encounter some situations that will force them to reevaluate how they manage their money, and it is possible to discover new methods to gain money without stress and pleasantly.

September:- During this period, Cancer is more prone to stress and irascibility, and this nervousness might cause them insomnia.

October:- The people born in Cancer will not feel quite comfortable in their current relationship, even if it’s a short-term relationship or marriage.

November:- The Cancer will have the energy that many will want to focus on obtaining better professional results.

December:- This month will bring Cancer more romantic and passionate moments and a greater openness towards their partners. Those who are involved in long-term relationships or those who are already married are favored this month.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2020.

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