2020 Taurus Vrishabha Rashi Horoscope, Astrology

General overview 2020:

For those of you having the Taurus moon symbol, this year will be favorable for you. While Shani Dhaiya is disappearing, you will be free from the impact of malefic-Ashtama Shani. On the 24th day of January, Saturn will come to the 9th the people born with Tarus sign while Rahu’s status will change to the 2nd home or Gemini by the commencement of 2020. It will not take long before it moves to your Tarus or first home on the 23rd of September. Jupiter will metamorphosis into the 9th house Capricorn, which is before being direct. Within the month of May 29th and June 9th, within the second house Venus may be combust. Let us continue reading for the details of the prophecy about 2020 Tarus Horoscope.

Taurus 2020 Horoscope Vrishabha Rashi

Sanskrit Name : Vrishabha
Meaning of Name : The Bull
Type : Earth-Fixed-Negative
Lord : Venus
Lucky Color : Blue, Blue-Green
Lucky Day : Friday, Monday
Birth Stones : 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Number : Emeralds, Turquoises and Lapis lazuli

2020 Taurus Career Horoscope:

Since you were going through the phase of Ashtama Shani, also named as Shani Dhaiya, it will continue this year till January 24. You may face some difficulty either in getting a job or lots of difficulties or changes may arise at work front. Once your Shani Dhaiya will pass, you may expect good results. There is a high possibility that you may switch your job this year after January 24. You may go abroad as well for employment purpose. There is a chance of getting a hike in your salary or you may get a promotion during the month of February. You may travel a lot for career or business purpose during the months of March and April. There can also be seen a possibility of going abroad in the period from March to April. The months of June-Aug are good to make profit from foreign sources and later on October-November are the months which will give you better results. However, you need to be cautious in terms of your business and career affairs this year.

Saturn, which is the lord of 10th house in your horoscope, will remain in the ninth house throughout the year except for the month of January. If you are running your own business, it is recommended to take right decisions otherwise it could lead to financial loss. You may take necessary and innovative steps to expand your business this year. You may travel a lot for the business during March-May. In the second half of September, sudden gains are expected. Overall, this year looks moderate as far as career or business is concerned.

2020 Taurus Love Horoscope:

Taurus Horoscope 2020 explains that the year 2020 seems to be promising for the love life of Taureans. You will spend memorable time with your love partner. Your love and devotion for your partner will set an example for others to follow. You should not let your ego become the parasite in your love life. Learn to swallow your ego when it comes to saving your relationship from troublesome situations. The transparency in your relationship will help you to make your relationship better. You will find yourself enjoying the romantic and passionate phase of your relationship in the midphase of this year. The attraction between you and your partner will reach its peak during this time. It is advised that you do not let perverted thoughts take a toll on you if you do not want to tarnish your reputation.

As per Taurus 2020 The last phase of the year would demand you to be confident and mature. During this time, you will have to take decisions that will shape up your love life. Taureans who are single may find their soulmate walking into their life during the end of 2020. The year will be a good time to eliminate the existing differences between you and your loved one. The month of February will be the time that you wish for. Your love and emotions will be reciprocated by your partner. The months of June, July, and September also seem to be favourable for you.

2020 Taurus Health Horoscope:

Aries will enjoy a thriving year health-wise. This is a great year, during which you will try to take more care of yourself, you will be interested in the state of your body, your wellbeing and, somehow, you will be heading towards a spiritual ascension. You are going to make more physical exercises than usually, and you will not abandon the tendency for healthy eating habits. Moreover, the stars will gift you with positive energy for most of the year.

You’ll begin to regard your body with more kindness and patience, to understand it better and to track more carefully its signs and needs.

Maybe you will schedule doctor appointments for routine checkups more often or you will choose to make few major, auspicious changes in your lifestyle.

There is also a weak link: the bone system. This is why, to avoid accidents, we recommend you to move with caution during the cold season, and those who are struggling with rheumatism or other affections of the osteoarticular system should not neglect the specialist’s advice.

2020 Month by Month Astrology Aries / Mesha Rashi Horoscope:

for you.
January:- During the first part of the month, stars will favor foreign relationships and travel sectors.

February:- Your financial life will significantly improve.

March:- The relationships with the superiors or authorities are tense throughout the month.

April:- It is possible to get involved in an intense relationship with a colleague.

May:- Better opportunities take shape for negotiating a salary increase.

June:- You work efficiently and show good organizing skills!

July:- This month brings an improvement in your love life or the beginning of a new relationship with great long term potential.

August:- Fight with yourself to be the best!

September:- You should make a conscious effort to take into account the needs of your lover!

October:- The health state is good in October, and you enjoy a lot of physical energy and overflowing optimism!

November:- Financially, you enjoy a lot of success, inspiration, but also help from your family.

December:- Things will be calm, and your social life will be better this month!

Taurus 2020 Horoscope: Key Transits for 2020:

  • Jupiter is in Earth sign Capricorn during the first quarter of the year 2020. Jupiter becomes retrograde in Capricorn from May 15, 2020.
  • On September 13, 2020, Jupiter becomes progressive in Capricorn.
  • The progressive Jupiter will directly transit in a fix nature air sign Aquarius from December 20, 2020.
  • Saturn is also in Earth sign Capricorn during January and February 2020. From March 23, 2020, progressive Saturn directly transits in Aquarius.
  • From May 11, 2020, Saturn becomes retrograde in Aquarius.
  • Retrograding Saturn will transit in Earth sign Capricorn on July 2, 2020.
  • Saturn becomes progressive in Capricorn from September 29, 2020.
  • Progressive Saturn directly transits in the fix nature air sign Aquarius on December 18, 2020.

Based on your Moon sign the position of transiting planets will be different and thus, the results will also be varied.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2020.

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