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2022 Khairatabad Ganesh Height | 68th Year Ganesh Chaturthi

The popular Jumbo Khairatabad Ganesh Utsav Samathi has decided to install Panchamukha Maha Laxmi Ganapathi in the 68th year (2022) Ganesh Chaturthi. The Ganesh Utsav Committee has released the poster of the gigantic Ganesh idol. The Ganesh Committee said the Idol will be 50 feet in height and would be made of clay. The clay Ganesh idol would be set up 80 days ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi which falls on August 31. Sri Shanmukha Subramanya Swamy idol on the right and Sri Trishakti Maha Gayatri Devi idol on the left side are also made of clay and the height will be around 18 to 20 ft.

This is the first time the committee has decided to opt for a clay idol following the Supreme Court’s order issued last year. The announcement brought great relief to the Telangana government. Each year, the committee installs a 50-60 foot tall idol made of plaster of Paris, but this year they would break with tradition and make one out of clay.

Khairatabad Ganesh Utsav Samathi started their journey with a one-foot-tall Ganesh idol in 1954.2022 Khairatabad Ganesh

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