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In Hindu culture, the serpents have a prominent role and it is unending. It is believed that Sriman Mahavishnu goes into YOGA NIDRA (Divine Sleep) in the Pala Samudra (white ocean) on Aadiseshu (A huge Snake). Parama Shiva wears a snake as a necklace Ganapathi wears a Snake around his waist.

Snakes are also worshiped and considered a form of Subramanya. In so many countries snakes are worshiped. Subrahmanya Swamy his other names like Karthikeya, Kumara Swamy & Skanda. Subrahmanya Swamy is worshiped by both Vyshnavetes and Shiva people. It is no mistake to say that Subrahmanya is in connection with Mahavishnuvu. If we say that the Red God of Kaliyuga (this present age). It is not an exaggeration, he has the form and profile of all prosperous. The Shanmukha (one who has 6 faces) is the complete form of Gnana (wisdom), Ishvarya (property), Shakthi (strength) Bala, and Veerya (Valour) & Teja (Brightness) and Parabrahma. In India, serpents are worshiped, under this faith. In this way, Snakes are interconnected with human lives and culture. The worship of the snakes is done for ages, unknown.

In Indian Jyothishya Shastra (Astrology) Kuja, Rahu and Kethu (Planets) belong to the snake’s category. By worshipping serpents we can attain all prosperity, like Vivaha, Santana and Dampathya Soukya (Happy married life). By this, we can attain developments in health, education, agriculture and business. In this, we get Dhana (money), Dhanya (food grains), Vamsha (dynasty) santhana (progeny), Gothra Abhivrudhi. We can get rid of DOSHAS (Sins) like Kuja, Kala, Sarpa, Graham, Balarishta, woman’s womb related doshas and various types of Vamdya and all sorts of Doshas for the dosha Nivarana (preventions) people spend lakhs of rupees to conduct Japa, Dana, Tharpana, Yagna & Yaga (Chanting of Manthras, giving alms, giving holy water and performing sacrifices. But you need not spend a lot. The puranas saying is that only by conducting Naga Pratishta; we can not only get rid of all Doshas but also attain all sorts of developments.

Naga Dosham Sharpa Shapam:

As per the versions of jyothishya shastra (Astrology) Jyothishyulu (Astrologers) and Vedic scholars. Our ancestors, elders in this or previous Janma knowing or by mistake or in a rush even done any blunder in relating to Nagas (Snakes), that means if they happened to kill or giving trouble to snakes i.e. if they drove the snakes out of the snake holes and built anything on that place or doing agricultural works by driving then from the field we and our vamsha (dynasty) get Sarpa dosha. As a result of this, Santana is affected i.e.Santana prapthi will not be there or the child who is born will suffer from unknown diseases. After so many tests also it can’t be diagnosed.

The couples will find no problem regarding their genetic parts. This is called Nagadosha and Sarpa Shapa and this sin follow from generation to generation. For Parihara (to get rid of) such doshas /shapas several forms of Nagas like Aadi Sesha, Anantha, Vasuki, Takshaka, Karkotaka Padma, Mahapadma, Shankha, Kuja, Nava are invited i.e. Kalasha Aawahana will be done, the holy water of that Kalasha (vessel) in which all Navanagas invited is to be sprinkled on the idols. You are going to install such naga idols (vigraha) of two nagas and you can pour holy water of kalasha by yourself, In such a way if Pranapratishta (making rebirth installation) is done we can get rid of naga, Sarpa doshas as per the Jyothishya shastra Either by you or by your ancestors, in this or previous Janma if the snakes are killed we can’t bring back its life. Accordingly to astrology, the wonderful way of getting rid of Naga dhosha, sarpa shapam is to reinstall a couple, of naga idols. This is as good as giving relief to the killed snake. At the present kali yuga Sarpas are considered divine Gods. Such divine serpent Gods give boons if we follow a few easy methods as instructed or pray to these gods.

Hence such people who suffer from Naga/ Sharpa Dosha have to conduct Naga pratishta at this holy place i.e. on the banks of a river and old temple if it is conducted by scientific methods with the directions of Vedic scholars, All of us can easily prevent or get rid of Doshas. Unmarried people get married, couples can get progeny and those who suffer from daaridram (lack of money) can get rid of this, who suffer from long chronicle diseases get Vimukthi (freedom) from that ailments. In this way the science of Astrology reiterates. Human life depends upon our ancestor’s Karma (good or bad deeds) and our previous birth (janma) sukrutham.

Kuja Dosham:

As per Jyothishya Shastra (Science of Astrology) and as per the sayings of Vedic scholars KUJA: Ku means Earth, Ja means Birth i.e. one who is born from the earth is Kuja. That is why he is called Dharani (Earth) garbha (womb) sambhuthudu. (born from the wombs of the earth). The Sanskrit word “Kuja means burning coal or a person, who has red complexed skin. So Kuja is considered Karthikeya’s other form. Kuja is the symbolic form of valour and Darkness, (paurusha, dhirya sthirya)A male or female janma kundali is made based on Thithi (day), vaara (week), Nakshatra (star) and Lagna. If this is in1/4/7/8th and 12th place Kuja is there and that is called Kuja Dosha.

According to astrology any person who has this Kuja dosha, that person’s marriage is affected. It also brings impediments to Santana. If Kuja is there in any of the above-mentioned places it gives a bad result. Due to this he/she suffers from bad health & debts. This person makes decisions without properly thinking and semi temperament. This person’s life partner gives him/her troubles. In this, if Kuja is there in the bad places such a person’s life is affected. Now we have learned about it. The leader of Kuja graham (planet) is Subrahmanya, Janta Naga is the other form of Subrahmanya. Hence by the act of Janta Naga Prathishta. We can free ourselves from Kuja Dosha. If such persons follow the act of parihara, he /she quickly get married. His/her married life will be prosperous. The science of Astrology says so.Kuja brings yoga to those who is born in karkataka and simha Lagna.

In the Jataka who is born in the above Lagna will not be affected by Kuja Dosha in wherever place Kuja may remain in his janma kundali. In one’s Janma kundali if the guru and Kuja happen to be there at one place, that person gets gurumangala Subha yoga.

What is Kala Sarpa Dosham:

KALA means time Sarpa means snake. If this Dosha gives trouble to the persons i.e. time will become Sarpa and the persons will be subjected to the predicament that is called Sarpa dosha. The persons who have this Dosha have to undergo a lot of hardship in his protection to come up. Even then he will never reach the top position. Sometimes they have to face several predicaments for which they have already worked, In spite of that, the result may not be good. This is decided depending upon one’s Birth Thithi (day) vara(week), Nakshatra (star) and Lagna. In his janma, kundali or jataka chakra if 7 planets occupy the space (places) between Rahu and Ketu this phenomenon is called savya (proper) Kalasarpa Dosham, starting from Ketu to Rahu in between these two if other planets happen to be there, that is called apasavya (improper) Kala Sarpa dosha As per Vedic astrology totally 12 types of Kalasarpa Doshas are there:

  • If Rahu & Ketu occupy 1 & 7 places, that is called Anantha Kalasarpa Yoga.
  • If Rahu remains in 2 places, Ketu remains in 8 places, that is called kulika Kala sarpa dosha.
  • If Rahu remains in 2 places, Ketu remains in 8 places, that is called kulika Kala Sarpa dosha.
  • If Rahu & Ketu occupy 4th & 10th place this is Shankha Kaalasarpa Dosha.
  • If Rahu & Ketu occupy 5th & 11th places this is Padma Kalasarpa yoga.
  • If Rahu & Ketu remain in 6th place this is Mahapadma Kala Yoga.
  • If Rahu remains in the 7th place and Ketu in the 1st place that is Takshaka Kala Sarpa dosha.
  • If Ketu occupies 2nd place & Rahu occupies 8th place and other planets occupy the space between their two that is called Karkotaka Kalasarpa Yoga.
  • If Ketu occupies 3rd& Rahu occupies 9th place and the spaces in between are occupied by the other planets that are called Shankha Chooda Kalasarpa Yoga.
  • If Ketu is at 4th, Rahu at the 10th place and another place in between these occupied the remaining 7 planets that are called Ghathaka Kalasarpa Yoga.
  • If Ketu is at 5th& Rahu is at 11th place and other spaces in between are occupied by other 7 planets that are Vishadhara Kala Sarpa Yoga.
  • If in the 6th place Ketu, 12th place Rahu and other planets in between is called this phenomenon is Sesha Naga Kalasarpa Yoga.

This Kalasarpa Dosha gives bad results in human jathaka. These Rahu & Ketu generally are considered Papakarma (causing sin) yoga. But sometimes they lead us to prosperity (Rajayoga). If Rahu & Ketu occupy some centers or points or angles this jathaka person will get Raja (king) Yoga. In some jathaka if there is no Kala Sarpa Dosha or Yoga, As per the space (of jataka chakra) occupied by Rahu & Ketu and their revolving directions in the janma kundali i.e. savya, apasavya (clockwise and anti-clockwise directions of their movements) Subha (prosperous and unprosperous) ashudha yoga will be there.

As per Astrology Rahu&Ketu belong to snake sects i.e. related to snakes. The head of Rahu is in the form of a snake whereas the trunk position of Ketu is in the form of a snake.

Hence the Astrology quotes that any person suffering from KIalasarpa dosha has to conduct Naga Prathista at a suitable best place to get relief from such Doshas i.e. to get rid of this dosha permanently should install Naga at the right place and right time. And also go through all sorts of rituals as specified by eligible & learned Vedic scholars

Sarpa Dosha | Kala Sarpa Dosham | Naga Dosham | Subramanya Swamy Speciality

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